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Designed to appeal the next-gen gamers, Orion sports a clutter-free, seamlessly integrated design bringing an unparalleled experience while adding a touch of sophistication to your gamer personality. Engineered to make every minute of gaming real, the Headphone is supremely comfortable, sounds great with advanced sound processor inside. The headphone comes with USB interface and very durable 3m long braided cable. Its metallic ear cup makes it look chic and feel tough as every gamer across the globe. Offering a striking and durable aluminium design in addition to a wonderfully cozy set of earcups that are perfect for marathon sessions.

A perfect combination of sound and style QHM 880 promises an unmatched listening experience. The core competence of this exceptional product is its sound – and it’s no less than crystal clear. The enchanting experience between your ears is possible thanks to its fine woven fabric that controls sound leakage. Making sure the rhythms are pure and unadulterated, its patented acoustic chamber design offers fine listening experience. The low frequency sounds are well recognizable from mid and high frequency sounds which results in a fuller, thicker and complete audio experience.

Aural 202 has a unique combination of Class -Clarity – Comfort. It’s ideal for getting inside your own world of personalized music, away from daily concerns and grinds. It has an in-built high quality microphone for taking calls while listening to the music. At 1.5 meters, the braided cord gives nice strength and length to keep your smartphone / mp3 in your pocket or bag-pack, while you are walking or running, and enjoy music. The ear-cups are padded for comfort so you do not get red-ears or a heavy-head for prolonged use. Ear-cups are also foldable for convenience during travelling and storage. Adjustable length of headband suits almost all head sizes with ease.