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Muffs G gives you the ability to connect and listen to your favourite music, both with Bluetooth and AUX cable options. AUX-IN music option comes in handy if you don’t want to use the wireless option like in airplane or if your Smartphone battery is running low and you want to switch off the Bluetooth. One can easily answer phone calls with its built-in microphone. Its Robust and Lightweight Design makes you feel comfortable. The soft cushioned ear-cups and headband of Muffs G offers extra comfort and noise cancellation feature. The rugged foldable design ensures durability for over months and years of use. The inbuilt drivers measuring 40 mm, offers solid bass effect and amazing treble to make you feel you are in a live theatrical performance. You get glitch-free wireless music within the range of 10 metres.


Thunder Pro and Explosive Pro are stylish and easy to operate headsets that come with extra bass. These headphones eliminate the hassle of all the wires, by letting you connect your headsets via Bluetooth and giving you a range of up to 10m. Thunder Pro: With a robust output of 300 mAh battery, Thunder Pro helps you enjoy your favourite songs for 10 hours at a stretch. These headphones also allow you to easily switch over from music to calls, letting you receive, reject and redial, at the touch of a button with an in-line remote and mic. Explosive Pro: With comfortable leather cushions, Explosive Pro promises to deliver an amazing 3D stereo sound. These lightweight, trendy earphones are foldable and thus, very easy to carry as well. Supporting all iOs and android devices, these headphones are moisture resistant and come with ultra low power consumption.


WH-CH700N comes with Sony’s revolutionary noise cancelling technology, making the headphones smarter by reducing ambient noise and giving an immersive sound experience. The Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelation (AINC) analyzes background sound and adjusts it for optimal performance on airplanes and other noisy environments. One can activate the feature with just a press and hold of the NC button. The headphones combine an ultra-comfortable design with an adjustable slider headband that allows one to adjust headphones to the perfect size. It offers premium soft Earpads shape around the ears for a snug and comfortable fit. The ear cups are elegantly designed which allows the headphones to swivel flat and be packed in a suitcase or slipped into a bag, so one can transport them securely wherever one can go.