Acer Predator notebook – A monster gaming machine

Acer Predator notebook – A monster gaming machine

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Acer Predator is a monster of a gaming notebook in both presence and performance. With the fast rendering graphic components bundled within the notebook, a user can explore seamless Hi-Def content without the issue of any lag.


Acer’s Predator gaming notebook comes loaded with powerful 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processors with high-performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Ultra-fast DDR4 memory, PCIe solid state prodrives, Advanced Cooling and Stellar Audio Capabilities. The sporty red accents compliment the black chassis with symmetric lines and soft texture coating for extra grip and gaming ergonomics, the Predator notebooks have been crafted to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

With the fast rendering graphic components bundled within the notebook, a user can explore seamless Hi-Def content without the issue of any lag. The notebook also features ‘Killer DoubleShot Pro’, a new technology that enables Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections to work together intelligently for optimized internet bandwidth usage. The ‘Killer Network Manager’ determines the attributes of each link and dedicates connections to each and every app.

The Predator notebook spots a high quality 15.6-inch 4K (3840×2160) Ultra HD display and It supports up to three displays including one NVIDIA G-SYNC monitor for the ultimate in gaming visuals and realism.

The top-of-the-line Intel® Core i7 processor delivers outstanding performance while the powerful NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980M graphics card delivers extremely fast and fluid gameplay essential for serious gamers. With a combination of DDR4 memory and ultra-fast SSD drive lag is virtually non-existent

Ground-breaking Cooling System

For extreme gamers who need to keep their notebook operating at lower temperatures, Predator FrostCore allows them to further enhance their notebook’s performance as needed. It consists of a swappable Cooler Master® fan module, exclusive to Acer, which can be inserted into the notebook’s optical disk drive bay to cool down intense gaming sessions.

Acer’s dust protection system, Predator DustDefender, uses dual high-speed fans with reverse rotation to remove dust build-up, improve heat dissipation and minimize noise. The fan blades utilize an ingenious dust propelling mechanism at an extremely high speed to vastly improve air flow around high-performance components. By removing dust and maintaining a cool temperature, Predator DustDefender ensures performance is consistent, enhances user comfort and extends the notebook’s lifespan.

Lastly, the CoolBoost technology allows for custom adjustments to the fans’ airflow. A Turbo Mode option delivers maximum fan speed and cooling power when heavy use requires an added boost.

Sensible Visual Experience

4K delivers incredibly high resolution and outstanding picture quality with low power consumption for long-lasting viewing. Enjoy and share bright colors, dazzling detail and enhanced imagery without ever worrying about battery life. With a dazzling display and brighter colors, 4K enhances every image to bring out each spectacular detail with four times the resolution of Full HD.


PredatorSense Gaming Control Panel

The new notebooks also feature the PredatorSense gaming control panel, which provides customization and control of gaming features, including macro programmable keys for up to 15 in-game shortcuts and adjustable lighting controls. The Predator ProZone backlit keyboard is divided into four lighting zones which can be lit or dimmed individually and features a programmable key. In addition, a dedicated physical key allows gamers to lock both the Windows key and touchpad quickly to prevent accidental invoking.

Predator SoundPound

Acer cranks up the entertainment value with SoundPound, a combination of stellar audio features. Predator 17 models feature SoundPound 4.2, which includes four built-in speakers and two subwoofers, delivering 12 watts of sound, while Predator 15 models feature SoundPound 2.1, which includes two speakers and one subwoofer, for six watts of sound. In addition, Dolby Audio surround sound enhances the overall sound quality, while both notebooks support studio quality headphones of up to 600 Ohm impedance.




The Acer Predator gaming notebook  is a pretty gaming notebook.  It’s got all the right internal bits to make games sing, with a good display, a great keyboard and excellent sound bring those games to your fingers, ears and eyes. One of its bigger ideas—modular add-on cooling—might not be as big as I thought it would be, but I like the way Acer’s engineers are thinking, and look forward to further advancements in the red and black gaming hardware department. In a nutshell, this innovative product is value for money.