This festive season, stay crash-free by adopting the power of All-Flash Array

This festive season, stay crash-free by adopting the power of All-Flash Array

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From the days of floppy disks to SDS and All-Flash Arrays, humankind has come a long way to ensure agility and scalability when it comes to the storage needs of various businesses. Presently, retail companies are geared up for the big festive sales. To ensure seamless delivery of services and smooth transactions, it is crucial for these businesses to ensure that their storage needs are well met.

Here, the key to effectively deliver the best-in class service is by efficiently managing the storage needs. Often, major e-commerce players experience downtime on big traffic days, especially during festive times.

Also, there are other challenges that e-commerce companies come across such as delivery of best-in class service to their customers and effectively tapping data to understand their buying behaviour.

Hence, for the e-commerce companies’ to stay ahead in this fierce competitive market and to overcome these challenges, it is important for them to realize the power of All-Flash arrays.

All-Flash not only helps businesses to improve their storage operations but also enables performance by interacting with data at low latencies, allowing the businesses to extract insights and analyze their customers’ behavior real time. Other benefit of All Flash solution is its cost-effectiveness. It helps bridge the performance gap between storage and other compute resources, thereby drastically reducing the cost profile of storage infrastructure of a company.

Therefore, to effectively tap tomorrow’s customer, it is essential for e-commerce companies to adopt the power of All-Flash. This will help enhance the storage architecture and equip the company to understand its audience at real time, thereby personalizing the shopping experience for their customers.

Dell EMC has the portfolio, expertise and market proven offerings to address an enterprise’s All-Flash requirements, that enables companies to deliver superior services. It offers a range of All-Flash storage solutions that act as a building block of relationship, between a business and its customers.

For example, Dell EMC Unity, a family of simple, affordable storage systems delivers enterprise capabilities, All-Flash performance and cloud-like simplicity in an affordable manner.

Niladri Saha, General Manager, Modern Infrastructure Team, India, Dell EMC, said, “As the internet becomes mainstream and the festive season sales gain popularity among the customers, improving the storage needs becomes the utmost priority for any e-commerce company. All-Flash solutions provided by Dell EMC are tailored according to a business, irrespective of shapes and size that helps them to deliver best-in class services to their customers”.