McAfee Moves Beyond Traditional Antivirus to Protect Customers’ Identity, Connected Homes and...

McAfee Moves Beyond Traditional Antivirus to Protect Customers’ Identity, Connected Homes and Wi-Fi Connections

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McAfee announced a new identity theft solution that goes beyond traditional antivirus to empower consumers to stay protected in the wake of recent massive data breaches. With McAfee Identity Theft Protection, the company continues to deliver innovative solutions that help make the digital world a safer place to live, work and play. McAfee Identity Theft Protection allows users to take a proactive approach to protecting their identities with personal monitoring, financial monitoring and recovery tools needed to keep identities personal and secured. Additionally, through new partner innovations with D-Link and Samsung, McAfee delivers in the key areas of the connected home, mobile security and privacy.

The rapid evolution of today’s threat landscape extends security needs into all facets of consumer’s digital lives. Realizing this, McAfee understands that consumers need more than traditional antivirus software and has expanded its offerings to protect privacy on the go, connected home devices, family safety and identity from theft or misuse. McAfee Identity Theft Protection, McAfee Secure Home Platform, McAfee Safe Family and McAfee Safe Connect help offer consumers peace of mind in an ever-changing digital world fueled by volume, speed and complexity. With the addition of these products, McAfee has realized growth in customers along with global OEM, TEM, ISPs and telecommunications companies partnering with McAfee to help keep their customers safe.

“Data breaches are increasing in volume and therefore calling into question who consumers can rely on to keep their personal information safe,” said John Giamatteo, executive vice president, consumer business group, McAfee. “Today, McAfee is trusted by 375 million consumers worldwide to protect what matters most – whether that is their devices, their child’s online safety, or their identity and privacy. McAfee is a name synonymous with cybersecurity, one that consumers can depend on to continue to evolve and innovate to help put consumer minds at ease when digital security uncertainty is high.”