Ixia First to Deliver End-to-End Visibility for All Leading Public Cloud Platforms

Ixia First to Deliver End-to-End Visibility for All Leading Public Cloud Platforms

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Ixia  announced it has further extended the CloudLen Visibility Platform to include support for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, and Alibaba Cloud, in addition to the existing support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), and for both Windows and Linux.  As a result, Ixia CloudLens is now the first visibility solution to support all leading cloud platforms with multiple operating systems.

IT infrastructures are transforming into a mix of self-hosted applications and cloud-based services on multiple cloud platforms. As business data is exchanged among on-premises applications in private data centers and applications running in multiple public clouds, end-to-end visibility extending across the hybrid environment is a challenge. The lack of granular access to cloud traffic, regardless of the cloud service provider, creates blind spots in the network which could compromise application performance or security, resulting in a degraded customer experience and increased network security risk.

Ixia CloudLens provides comprehensive visibility across cloud environments—public, private, and hybrid clouds, and is the first to be delivered as a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. CloudLens was designed from the ground up to retain the benefits of the cloud – elastic scale, flexibility, and agility, while enabling security, analytics, and forensics tools to acquire the needed data, whether the tool is in a private data center or public cloud.

“Hybrid and multi-cloud environments create challenges for security teams who need to manage multiple segments, and no longer have the packet visibility to secure their network,” stated Dan Thormodsgaard, CTO and Co-Founder at Fishtech Group. “Ixia CloudLens solves this challenge with a cloud-agnostic platform that supports AWS, Azure, IBM, and more, and is capable of supporting Windows and Linux as well. This flexibility enables CloudLens to provide access to packet level data coupled with a simple way to centrally manage across platforms. As a result of the Ixia and Fishtech Group partnership, CloudLens delivers access to packet data, and tech partners such as ProtectWise and Perch provide automated threat detection, enabling organizations to secure their clouds.”