IP-Com Reenters India with New & Powerful Strategy

IP-Com Reenters India with New & Powerful Strategy

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IP-Com reenters India with new & powerful strategy. Now, IP-Com does not want to depend on any National Distributors to supply their networking products in the Indian market; they want to reach out to the users directly through an expanded marketing team.

Addressing a dealers meet in Delhi Mr. Frank Rao, Director Tenda & IP-Com business India comments, “What we have observed is when we depend on distributors, they, in addition to our brand, also distribute similar type products of other brands. In this scenario, our brand is not getting the right attention from them and that is why we have decided to do away with distributors at present and focus reaching out to the end users like Sis, directly. Reduction in distribution levels also makes our products more cost-efficient. The other advantage is we can directly understand the concerns of Sis and resolve them better.”

​IP-COM ‘s product are best suited to provide solutions to industries such as Hospitality, Real Estate, Hot Spot zones, Corporations, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Airport.