How a cloud based managed security solution from Zscaler helped Quinnox

How a cloud based managed security solution from Zscaler helped Quinnox

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Quinnox is a technology-driven business services enablement partner for forward-thinking enterprises. It helps its customers transform technology portfolios from “systems of record” to “launch pads of innovation”. Quinnox delivers this innovation through its design thinking elements, specialized domain expertise, Technology Centers of Excellence, on-demand on-cloud solution platforms, assets and accelerators.

Quinnox has the privilege to serve as a strategic technology partner to several of the world’s prominent and global Fortune brands, as well as companies who are leaders in very specialized industries. It has not just taken the game to the next level, but changed the game for many of its customers across Banking ; Financial Services, Retail Distribution and Manufacturing Services.

Quinnox – A Brief Look
Headquartered in Chicago with offices across geographies including UK, Barcelona, Germany, UAE and India.
Quinnox is a technology-driven business services enablement partner for forward- thinking enterprises.
Industry: IT & IT enabled services
Zscaler Product: Zscaler Cloud Platform, Proxy, URL filtering, Antivirus, Advanced threat protection Web 2.0 controls / social web controls / application controls, SIEM integration, Bandwidth Control and Basic Sandbox.

The Challenge
Quinnox was using an appliance based proxy solution which was configured in its datacenter. As the solution was primarily appliance based it had its own administrative overheads like regular maintenance and patch updates. Furthermore, there was no enforced path for internet access for roaming users using corporate owned devices.

Proxy was in force only when user was within the network and could easily bypass it by disabling it. There was no option of selective disabling of agent. On top of this a multiple
subscriptions – a combination of on-premise and cloud was enabled to protect the mobile user. The formidable challenge was implementing consistent and robust security across all its corporate locations as well as networks and devices. Evolving concerns about malware threats and cyber risks as well as availability of bandwidth for corporate applications needed to be monitored. This sparked a search for new vendor
who can provide managed security services especially cloud based.

Mr. Faiz Ebrahim, IT Head at Quinnox explained, “We needed a solution that supports fast and easy deployment across a huge user base without the need to implement or manage hardware or software. Furthermore, we wanted a solution that could scale and
easily accommodate future users and detect evolving cybersecurity threats.”

The Solution
Migration from existing Proxy solution to fully cloud based Zscaler proxy was smooth. Mr. Faiz Ebrahim, IT Head at Quinnox explained, “Today Quinnox has configured an enforced path for internet using Zscaler App. This means end-user internet bound traffic at Quinnox will pass through Zscaler Cloud irrespective of their location when they are using corporate owned mobile devices or the device they use to access internet also allowing us to mitigate any evolving cybersecurity threats.”

The Zscaler rollout was uncomplicated and the IT team benefited from centralized management and reporting functions with one integrated dashboard. Administration costs have been minimized as there is no need to manage and maintain hardware and
software due to Zscaler Subscription service.

Immediately after implementing Zscaler, Quinnox was able to evaluate its corporate Internet usage and able to successfully conclude that majority of the bandwidth was consumed by social networking sites and online video platforms such as YouTube.
“With the help of granular level report and bandwidth control policy, we are able to curtail the use of social networking sites and YouTube, thereby freeing up our bandwidth for business functions,” explained Mr. Faiz Ebrahim, IT Head at Quinnox.

With Zscaler it was easier to detect malware infections as well as botnets in our network which were connecting to unauthorized sites in the background and consuming heavy internet bandwidth. “We were able to identify and mitigate those threats by quickly
identifying infected workstations and devices, all this in real-time,” further added Ebrahim.

The Zscaler rollout was further supported by reports (built-in ; custom) that were helpful in justifying Quinnox’s investment in Zscaler and there was immediate value from the deployment which wouldn’t be possible with an appliance-based solution.

“Post analyzing the internet usage pattern through the Zscaler Reports, we were able to take critical business decision like downsizing our internet bandwidth by almost by 25%,
thereby saving on annual Internet lease line subscription spend. We were also able to achieve more granular control on content filtering which helped us in prioritizing between business and non-business traffic,” concluded Ebrahim.