ATEN Announced USB-C Solutions

ATEN Announced USB-C Solutions

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ATEN announced the latest additions to its line of USB Type-C (USB-C) docking solutions, designed to expand your USB-C laptop connection anytime, anywhere. The latest laptops are embracing the high speed USB-C interface, leaving many users facing the challenge of how to connect their multiple devices with legacy interfaces. The ATEN UH3230 and UH3232 docking stations free you from the restrictions of incompatibility, offering a range of options to expand your USB-C laptop connectivity either at work or on the go.

USB-C is the most advanced industry-standard connector and is set to replace all existing connectors. USB-C carries a wide array of benefits for users, strengths that ATEN has fully leveraged to provide the best data, power, and video transmission for any need with its new docking products.

“ATEN’s over 25 years of experience in USB connectivity along with our top R&D talent give us the resources and knowhow to build the highest quality USB Type-C products. What’s more, our keen understanding of the market and user demands has allowed us to develop a comprehensive series of docking devices and adapters for every possible need,” said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International.