FICCI is Going to Organize Mascrade 2017

FICCI is Going to Organize Mascrade 2017

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Industry chamber FICCI is going to organize a two-day event — ‘Mascrade 2017 — Movement Against Smuggling and Counterfeit Trade’ from October 12-October 13, 2017 at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. International institutions including World Customs Organisation, Interpol, United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime, Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development and US Homeland Security will represent at this event.

According to Industry chamber FICCI the widespread smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy can affect India’s goal of becoming a manufacturing hub of the world. The market for contraband, smuggled and counterfeit goods is thriving in India and is today one of the biggest challenges faced by Indian industry.  India today has the potential to become a global manufacturing hub. However, widespread smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy, can act as a dampener in achieving this goal.

In Mascrade 2017, the first session will organize on Countering illicit market operations – synergies to secure our future.  Illicit markets have broad economy-wide effects on trade, investment, employment, innovation, criminality, environment, and most importantly, on the health and safety of the consumers. Several efforts have been undertaken to curb smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy. In spite of these, illicit markets continue to thrive across all industry segments. Hence, a proactive strategy should be in place to fight this serious menace to public health and safety, and to the government taxes. The session will focus on the subjects like the global response in addressing Counterfeiting, Piracy, Smuggling and Transnational Organized Crime. Best practices in cooperation among industry, Governments, international organizations and enforcement agencies in countering illicit trade. And, Reshaping the Consumer’s Mindset- Protecting them from the Dangers of Counterfeit, Pirated and Smuggled Products

The Second session will focus on Defending your brand – measuring the reputational and financial impact on your business. A global economy, accessibility of the Internet, technological advancement, consumers demand for low price, low risk of detection and punishment, and lack of awareness, all contribute to the large and growing problem of product counterfeiting and smuggling. The world and field of brand protection is changing. It is imperative how brands should identify what needs to be done to address product counterfeits most effectively and efficiently in the near future be it through retail sales or sales via online platform. A multifaceted problem like this requires an equally multifaceted response that is both strategic and comprehensive. The session will deliberate on how brand owners should understand, detect, prevent, and react to counterfeits in legitimate and illegitimate marketplaces and draw upon the expertise and perspective of many types of public and private stakeholders.

The third session will focus on Building collaborations with law enforcement agencies – eliciting responses against illicit trade and cross border organized crime. In response to a crime that is spanning international borders, nations around the world are entering into several multilateral, bilateral agreements and joint operations making trans-border cooperation a reality. This session will talk about the nexus of smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy to transnational organised crime with national security implications and address the links between these nefarious activities and transnational organised crime. Discussions will also throw light on building capacities at all levels and coordinating with the private sector in the fight against illicit trade.

The Fourth Session will focus on the shaping strategies to tackle transnational content piracy. Steps required effectively identifying, investigating and prosecuting online counterfeiting rings. New approaches to online brand protection – Successful International Case Studies.

In the Fifth session the senior leadership discuss on the Assess Your Anti- Counterfeiting, Anti-Smuggling & Brand Protection Activities and determine their Business Worth. The Session will focus on the strategies to Reduce Grey Markets Sales. Steps taken by Government, business and consumers to STOP dangerous counterfeits and contrabands. Challenge of enforcing a global consumer brand. Consumer education and awareness programmes as a part of Anti-Counterfeiting, Anti-Smuggling & Brand Protection Strategy and the advances in track and trace, labelling and authentication solutions.