ZyXEL NAS 520: Modern Definition of Storage, Security, Reliability & Operability

ZyXEL NAS 520: Modern Definition of Storage, Security, Reliability & Operability

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zyxel15-11-15You may relate the new product with the new epitome of the modern connected world; it’s a one stop for all your private documents, photos, music, and videos to provide the most convenient access to all your digital contents.

ZyXEL offers a myZyXELcloud website to easily access and change settings to the NAS520 from all your connected mobile devices with web browsers wherever you go. Use the free mobile app zCloud on your Android/iOS devices to access and playback your favorite media while you’re on the go. In addition, ZyXEL integrates with Memopal, and ownCloud for users’ convenience for all data on the NAS 520. Find out more about ZyXEL, NAS520!

The product is well-appointed with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor along with a link aggregation. A high performance engine utilizes both Ethernet ports to provide up to 106 MB and 85 MB in write. It imparts you a complete freedom to instantly retrieve data from your mobile devices, backup files, and stream UHD 4K video contents without performance falter. Home for up to 12TB of data, the NAS520 can store up to 3 million pieces of high-resolution photos, 2 million pieces of music, or 3,000 pieces of movies

One of the key features of the products is that it also enables you quick hard drive replacement vide hot-swapping without shutting down or interruption while your system is still in operation. The bolt free design makes it convenient to install your hard disks into the ZyXEL NAS520. Forget hiring a networking engineer, you won’t require even the screwdrivers for installment.

Additionally, forget not to incorporate with myZyXELcloud, ZyXEL free Dynamic Domain Name System, to create a personal cloud and access all your digital contents away from your home on your handset.
The key advantage of a personal cloud, like the NAS 520, is that it offers convenience and mobility in data access while still granting users the full control and ownership of their data, without monthly subscription costs. The NAS520 accommodates data from your computers, mobile gadgets or public clouds such as Google Drive, Dropbox or memopal, and sits in your home local network that is more secure than a public cloud service

The aids of ZyXEL’s free cloud and mobile tools, the myZyXELCloud website and the zCloud app, offer users anywhere access to or sharing of the data on the NAS520 through the Internet or via mobile devices, whether it is to share the photos stored on the NAS520 with a friend through a customized host name address, to play the music through your tablet, or to stream the HD videos onto big screens with Apple TV or Chromecast. Share those precious moments captured on digital pictures stored on your ZyXEL NAS520.

NAS 520 is equally equipped with green features. Compared to a typical desktop server system, the storage device intelligently saves power during low activity to significantly reduce the cost on electricity. Heat damage is ousted through a quiet 90 mm fan that significantly cools down the drives inside. One can even customize it even further with the easy App center to install and update apps of your preference.

The product is expected to robustly in the SOHO and SME segments as no other device in the market has such features. The installed Samba Client makes good sense to the burgeoning surveillance industry.

The absence of inbuilt wireless client daunts the product a little. Had there also been UTM features attached, the product would have been a step closer to wonder.