Sony Expands Its Premium Noise-Cancellation Headphones Line-Up

Sony Expands Its Premium Noise-Cancellation Headphones Line-Up

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Sony India further expanded its noise cancellation line-up. An industry leading technology made even smarter, the new elevated series is designed to offer stunningly premium and refined sound.

The new line-up is embedded with unique features that let the consumers enjoy noise cancellation adaptive to the surroundings and usage patterns. A number of advancements have been put into these headphones to make them industry leading in noise cancellation technology. With personal and atmospheric pressure optimizing that adjusts to individual listening style and one’s altitude, consumers are now set for an immersive sound journey.

For the 1000X family, the companion Sony Headphones Connect App is packed full of Sony smart features for adaptable listening, utilising mobile device’s accelerometer sensor to detect the users activity and adjust music and sound settings to best suit the environment. Using the app the new 1000X headphone series allows for more flexibility in customising how users want the headphones to adjust to their surroundings.

The app available for the wireless headphones gives more control for what and how ones listen, and the equalizer will adjust the music to ones preferences. The sound effects offers to choose from Arena, Club, Concert Hall or Outdoor Stage.

 The hear on WHH900N brings wireless noise-cancelling technology with touch control in the around-ear style. Easily skip songs with touch control, or if prefer to use the Headphones Connect App, one can control everything from a smartphone.