Rashi’s SI 9 all set to regain its popularity among SIs

Rashi’s SI 9 all set to regain its popularity among SIs

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rashi_logoAfter the unprecedented success of the special SI scheme launched by Rashi Peripherals it is all set to introduce another exciting deal for the system integrators across the country. This ninth installment of the SI scheme is created with the aim of proving necessary to build a PC. It has the major elements important for a PC like motherboard, HDD, CPU & RAM. All the system integrator has to do is to bundle up one of all the products and choose available with Rashi Peripherals and get a ‘McAfee Anti-virus free’.

This scheme is a win-win situation for the system integrators as they not only have the option for a great bundled deal but also have an additional option of choosing brands being a part of the options are Motherboards, who are the market leaders. Rashi Peripherals wishes to target in providing the best in the market with a free Anti-Virus by one of the most reputed brand ‘McAfee’. This deal serves a multifaceted purpose of integrating and keeping the PC safe from malicious virus. The scheme is valid on all billings through Rashi Peripherals from 8th to 13th September 2014.

B.L. Navlakha from Lalani International, SI in Guwahati says “there are few schemes in the market which are designed for system integrators. All the SI Scheme introduced by Rashi Peripherals has been a great experience. We are looking forward for the ninth edition of the scheme and hoping that it gains the immense amount of popularity among system integrators.”

Alok Choudhary, GBM, Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. adds “The previous SI schemes have been appreciated by the System integrators community and they are hoping for a better and improved version of the SI scheme thus we thought of providing them the ‘complete package’ and give them a great deal with bundling of their choice in the SI-9 scheme. We hope that this scheme proves to be a bi and the system integrators benefit through Rashi Peripherals.”