Rashi Forays into Unified Communication with Plantronics

Rashi Forays into Unified Communication with Plantronics

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rashi_logoRashi Peripherals the value-added distributor has expanded its horizon by adding a new line of business to its Communication Vertical, Plantronics Unified Communications.

Working conditions are constantly evolving. Advancing technologies, the blurring of work/leisure space, global collaboration and the need to communicate outside of the usual office hours require a smarter way of working. Plantronics headsets are the hub that brings multiple solutions together. They unite devices, services and other unified communications platforms. Enabling teams to work smart and with greater efficiency. Through Rashi Peripherals, Plantronics intends on breaking down barriers so that people using different modes of communication, different media, and different devices can still communicate to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Organizations are increasingly adopting Unified Communications (UC) strategies. This means integrating real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, voice and video conferencing with non-real-time communication (voicemail, email and SMS). Businesses are finding that with the adoption of UC they can work smarter, faster and happier.

Plantronics who leverages its years of expertise in audio communications offers a line of Products that seamlessly switch between devices, which makes Plantronics popular among top 100 fortune companies.