RAPOO Launches Bluetooth Stereo Headset, S500

RAPOO Launches Bluetooth Stereo Headset, S500

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rapoo4-4-14RAPOO has launched S500 a high quality Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headset. RAPOO S500 runs on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology which reduces the power consumption and provides longer battery backup. RAPOO S500 is lightweight, highly portable and comes with excellent sound quality. With inbuilt hidden microphone S500 delivers an excellent quality of voice calling and It can switch between calls and music.

RAPOO S500 is designed to meet the user’s demand on both lightweight and high portability. With feedbacks coming from reviewer across the world on moving the RAPOO products to the next level and keeping them way ahead of the competition, RAPOO has designed S5000 with the most advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology to provide high quality audio playback and wireless connection with reduced power consumption. Users can enjoy music anywhere easily. It works well in both wired and wireless modes.
The RAPOO S500 is built with biological materials construction, which makes the music sounds softer and soft ear pads give a comfortable feeling on ears even on longer use. This headset can run for 16 hours with a minimum charge of 3 hours and has a stylish outlook with eye-catching double color shades. The hidden omni-directional microphone picks up the voice with remarkable clarity and provides an excellent voice-calling experience. RAPOO S500 is advanced high quality headset, best suited for youth and techies.

Sunil Srivastava, Country Marketing Manager at RAPOO Technologies Limited said, “Customer can always expect RAPOO products to be technologically ahead of competition. RAPOO has now brought innovation in headsets by improving its overall quality. RAPOO S500 is lightweight, highly portable and reaches major demand of the customer by connecting quickly to calls and devices. The hidden built-in microphone is one of its characteristic features so users will never miss a call while playing music”