Lian Li Strimer RGB Cable Now Available for Pre-Order

Lian Li Strimer RGB Cable Now Available for Pre-Order

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Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. is proud to announce that the world’s most innovative cable extension, Lian Li Strimer RGB cable, is now available for pre-order. Traditional PSU cables are either dull or look messy and becomes a challenge to builders and gamers, becoming a task to manage and keep the cables tidy. Sleeved cables have become a trend and allowed a cleaner, more stylish solution into managing and presenting cables, coupled with cable combs, they made a good option until now. Lian Li is revolutionizing the cable management game with the Strimer cable LED. Lian Li has made improvements since the debut of the Strimer and have reinforced and improved the durability greatly on the final design.

Lian Li has improved the manufacturing process during the debut of the Strimer on COMPUTEX and has made refinements in the melding process to provide the final release of the Strimer cable with increased strength on the connector for maximum durability and guaranteed standard installation. The Strimer will feature a widened and locked connector which improves structural integrity of the cable connector.

The Lian Li Strimer cable is a lighting module with integrated PSU extension cable. This makes Strimer work with every PSU for seamless integration allowing for maximum compatibility with many of the available power supplies in the market right now. Lian Li has designed a patented mounting mechanism for the Strimer so it fits securely and easily with your existing cables.

The Lian Li Strimer Cable LED can be customized via your motherboard software via an addressable header pin. Motherboards with addressable RGB capable connection can easily control, customize and configure their Strimer lighting. It can also be controlled via the built-in program controls.

Lian Li has integrated various lighting options on the Strimer so users can freely select on any of the lighting effects. The Strimer has 10 built-in lighting options that can be selected with the built-in controls so even those without new motherboards can experience the brilliant allure of Lian Li’s Strimer RGB cable.