Dell Launches 3rd Season Of Dell Campassadors

Dell Launches 3rd Season Of Dell Campassadors

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Dell India commenced the third year of Dell Campassadors, its flagship college engagement program for youth, who are at the verge of stepping into their careers. The pan India program is focused on creating deeper engagement through campus ambassadors in colleges across the country, known as ‘Dell Campassadors’. The program offers an interactive platform for college-going youth to enhance their skills and to develop their passion, using a personal computer. Having recognized the enthusiasm in student participation over the past two successful seasons, this year Dell is expanding the scope of the program to reach out to a wider audience this year.

Dell will appoint 200 Campassadors from over 100 colleges across 30 cities in India, connecting with students in over 1400 colleges across Humanities, Management, Science and Engineering streams. Armed with the intent to enhance access to PC technology for youth across the country, the program will concentrate efforts in non-metros and tier 2 & 3 cities. Dell believes that youth are becoming increasingly cognizant of the role technology can play in building skills and enhancing their creative capabilities, and are strong advocates its adoption. This is reinforced by the fact that access to personal technology plays a crucial role in helping individuals grow holistically such that they are equipped to succeed in a digital environment. Dell Campassadors offers a platform for the creative, intelligent and energetic youth to work towards further developing their skills while giving them an opportunity to prepare as leaders.

Each of the participant colleges will see the appointment of Campassadors, who will act as facilitators for the program in their respective colleges, and engagement with other students. They will be representing Dell in their college campuses, exhibiting the versatile use of personal computers, creating awareness on the educational value of technology for personal and professional growth and advocating technology adoption among their peers. The Campassadors will have the opportunity to organise and participate in various fun activities and events and will get a chance to earn incentives and rewards based on their performance, as well as participate in various engagements with Dell throughout the year. The Campassadors will periodically be evaluated at multiple levels based on their involvement, contributions & engagement with peers, before they face a final evaluation at the end of the year.

The top 20 participants will be invited to be part of the Grand Finale in April 2018, where the Top 5 Campassadors will be chosen and 2 of the season’s toppers will also stand to win a chance to work on a brief project with Dell.

Ritu Gupta, Marketing Director, Consumer and Small Business, Dell India said, “The past two seasons of the Dell Campassadors program have seen an overwhelming, positive response from youth across the country. This has encouraged us to grow the scope of the program so that a larger, more diverse group of students have the chance to participate. At Dell, we believe that technology complements the youth’s potential, and can truly enhance the development of the new age skills required for them to follow their passions in both, a personal and professional capacity. Dell Campassadors is all about giving youth the access and opportunity to have new technology experiences that demonstrate how the PC can be used as a tool and a resource in their overall growth. The year-long program serves as the right platform to collaborate with the youth community who are the future workforce, whilst reiterating the benefits of technology in fun and engaging ways. We look forward to even more enthusiasm from students this year.”