Dell EMC – VxRAIL Appliances Customer Adoption Exceeds Expectations in First Year

Dell EMC – VxRAIL Appliances Customer Adoption Exceeds Expectations in First Year

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Within a year since the initial launch, Dell EMC’s VxRail Appliances demonstrated substantial customer adoption with over 120 nodes being sold in India. VxRail Appliances are the only hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that are jointly engineered with VMware and are fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested for VMware environments. VxRail Appliances are delivering simplicity, scalability and automation at the right price point for data centers across sizes and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.
IT organizations in industries including finance, government and public sector, retail, technology, healthcare and manufacturing and distribution are choosing VxRail Appliances because of their:
Consolidation with Scalability – Start small and scale with single node upgrades; reduces data center footprint and CapEx
Industry-Leading Reliability – Jointly engineered and integrated by EMC and VMware with a single support number for end-to-end accountability
High-Performance – Flash Speed at hybrid prices and free EMC RecoverPoint for VMs
Flexible Applications – Support data centers and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.
VMware Integration – Offers standardized ease-of-management

According to IDC research, Dell EMC VxRail Appliances’ sequential revenue growth was faster during the second half of 2016 than any other family of hyper-converged systems.”

Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director, Converged Platform & Solutions Division, Dell EMC, said, “Dell EMC has experienced strong customer demand for VxRail Appliances, exceeding expectations and positioning Dell EMC to be the industry’s top HCI appliance provider. One year from its launch, VxRail Appliances have proven that HCI is an excellent approach for mainstream IT as customers increasingly use these systems for data center core applications. It has enabled customers to achieve cost-efficient performance, improve support for any application, and accelerate time to value.”
Mritunjay Kumar, Manager-IT Infra, Blackberrys India Limited, shared, “Hyper-converged infrastructure is one of the essential elements of modern data center Infrastructure. Through software-defined innovations, we have been able to accelerate our time to market in a much faster pace. VxRail, along with the essential software stack coupled with the power packed features, hardware, packaging and support model, is ideal for us to have an agile, reliable and cost-effective data center.”