CyberPower Systems joins Smart Asia Expo and Summit, 2017

CyberPower Systems joins Smart Asia Expo and Summit, 2017

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CyberPower attended Smart Asia Expo and Summit,2017 at White Orchid Convention Center, Bangalore. During this 3-day event, CyberPower Systems, best in class global OEMs, demonstrated its leading position in power solution by showcasing the diverse expertise in power backup, enterprise power solution, mobile power, remote power management, power management software and beyond – an end-to-end approach for reliable power backup solutions. CyberPower showcased its innovating products Long Backup UPS, Online Series UPS, Surge Protector, Power Banks, Solar Hybrid Systems at Brand Presentation.

SMART ASIA is about recreating cities with people-friendly planning and infrastructure to connect and inspire! Led by TAITRA, this show presents huge business opportunities as cities adapt for a new age. They are out to procure the best in networks & telecom, digitalization, public transport, energy grids, public health, water resource management and environmental sustainability.

This expo showcased industry-leading technology, IT best practices, product trends, and fresh ideas from government representatives and industry leaders. Fifty world-class Taiwan companies had showcased products and services to help India accelerate the government’s Smart City vision.

Company presentation and product demonstrations were given to provide visitors the opportunities to learn more about CyberPower Systems, product ranges and services, which successfully raised company’s brand awareness and shown the smart energy of CyberPower UPS and how it benefits for better quality living.