Checkers India unveils India’s First Excess Inventory Marketplace –

Checkers India unveils India’s First Excess Inventory Marketplace –

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Checkers India Technology announced the launch of India’s first and exclusive excess inventory technology platform for India’s retail and wholesale checkersmarket.

Speaking on the launch, Rajan Sharma CEO Checkers India Technology said, “Checkers India Technology is founded with an objective to provide excess inventory solution to India market, thus bringing together buyers and the sellers on a neutral technology platform. Keeping the same objective we are pleased to announce the launch of this gives unprecedented access to buyers and sellers into the excess inventory market at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of the seller as well as the buyer.”

Rajan further elaborated, “We are present at both sides of ‘excess inventory’. Till today the process of selling excess inventory actually means sending excel sheets to potential buyers which is an inefficient process, ultimately resulting in loss of profits. This is a revolutionary technology platform, something which markets have been waiting for to solve their excess inventory situations. This platform will enable the sellers to liquidate their excess inventory across India and enable the buyers to evaluate the offers from other than their own locations.”