ASIRT hosts HP and NPAV to demonstrate cutting-edge product innovations at the...

ASIRT hosts HP and NPAV to demonstrate cutting-edge product innovations at the Tech Day

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The October Techday hosted by ASIRT was an informative and enlightening one where Members got the opportunity to further their business by leveraging the government e-marketplace portal. A team from HP showcased some of their latest laptops and desktops designed with cutting-edge technology engaging Power and Elegance while the market leader NPAV presented their holistic network security offerings, with innovations to protect any device connected to a Computer.

Ramesh Pyla, Regional Sales Manager, HP Inc., India . started the evening with an insightful discussion on changing industry and market dynamics with respect to Gaming as a category, HP’s market share in the industry and the rising demand for technically superior & aesthetic laptops to cater to this segment. This was followed by key industry and market insights into the changing customer preferences, HP’s deep understanding and fresh approach to create customer delight and thus increase its market share with new, innovative product offerings.

Their latest range includes the high performance, Omen series of gaming laptops with superior thermal control, dual storage facility, immersive VR experience enhanced by an exceptional audio system, and award-winning design. This was followed by HP Spectre series of stylish, hybrid laptops, the HP Pavilion series of laptops and the latest, technically superior range of All-in-One laptops, with features like Privacy Camera, Quad Speakers, Wireless Charging and Ultra WQHD 34″ curved display, designed for the smart homes/ offices.

Highlighting HP’s commitment to design and the shift in consumer preferences, Ramesh Pyla, said, “Currently, consumer expectations across categories are more focused on the design element. Earlier, IT was all about specifications. Now, with rising awareness, most brands, including HP, are moving to set new benchmarks with value-add features and design, like weight, thinness etc. Earlier, computers were restricted to home or offices but now they are essentially mobile and attach a sense of reputation/image to the owner. Keeping this in mind, HP is diversifying with varied portfolios across metros and tier2 and 3 cities. For tier 2 and tier 3 towns, where affordability comes first and design element is secondary, we have been promoting the HP 15 series in a big way. Alternately, in tier 1 and metros, where PC’s have a higher penetration, we are focusing on offering superior design element.

We aim at balancing both, niche offerings and functional products that create volume, through a vast range of products for consumers across the country. Our Two-in-ones/ convertibles, for example, have increased from 6% to 62% market share! In gaming, we were late entrants but today are at 37% market share. Our super premium category products hold a 31.2% market share. So across all categories, HP is very bullish and we aim to touch 40% market share across all categories. In specific spaces like hybrid and gaming, where the brand players are limited, we are aiming to capture more than 40-50% market share. We aim at being looked upon as leaders and our journey, with expanding market share, says our story, and our entire roadmap is linked to that.”