“ We wish to deeply penetrate into the consumers mind ”

“ We wish to deeply penetrate into the consumers mind ”

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Incepted in 1997 and headquartered at Chennai, Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products Computers peripherals and Consumer Electronics Totaling to 25 product categories and more than 350 SKUs. In an interaction with Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt Ltd. about the company’s new initiatives and future plans.





Please brief us Zebronics’ focus on the India market for the coming years?


Zebronics is operating in 3 major verticals right now IT peripherals, Consumer electronics and Surveillance. Rajesh_DoshiWe are very strong in IT peripherals and one of the fastest growing brands in consumer electronics segment. IT peripherals segment is doing well and showing a good growth year on year. We would make sure that new products in this segment are launched at regular intervals. Under consumer electronics we have many products like Speaker, LED TV, coolers and accessories. It’s a very exciting segment; there has been an excellent growth in this segment especially in speakers. We now have a wide range of speakers from small 2.0 to huge tower speakers. There are a lot of innovative products planned in this segment. We started out with LED TV in February 2015 and in short span of time we now have the complete range of TVs from 16” to 40”, bigger sizes to be launched in coming quarter.We have a ton of products for gifting and response has been terrific so far. Products like power banks, portable speakers and wireless headphones are really popular for gifting.

What is the overall scenario of current computer peripherals market in India and where do you place yourselves in the race?
Computer peripherals or IT peripherals market is on a decline as market is shifting toward more portable devices for computing needs. India being a developing marketing is very price sensitive, the transition will take at least few years if it ever does happen. For Zebronics, as I said IT peripherals business is doing well. Due to stiff competition and diminishing margins many smaller brands have left the market. This vacuum and our volumes in this segment have helped us reach new heights in this segment. We are one of the few Indian brands in this segment which regularly launch high end gaming products.

How your Security and Surveillance segments doing?


Surveillance is new segment for Zebronics; we entered this product segment in February 2015. In such a short period of time we have a huge lineup of products. Cameras in all the segments. We also participated in leading security expos like Secutech and IFSEC expo, where we have launched many new and revolutionary products in surveillance segment. Our plan is to give quality product at value for money prices.
How Zebronics’ plans to expand its Indian operations?


Going with Zebronics history, we have never achieved anything overnight; success has come to us gradually with the sheer hard work of the teams and the channel partners. Today with 31 branches and 130 service centers we are a strongly positioned in IT peripheral and gradually progressing towards consumer electronics and surveillance. We started working on the tier 3 and tier 4 cities about few years back and we have been very successful in many zones and will continue to improve. We wish to deeply penetrate into the consumers mind in all length and breadth of the country.  We intend to soon announce exclusive Zebronics stores, pan India, as our expansion plan.
How you enable your channel to earn more profits?

Zebronics is the only IT Peripherals brand in the last three years that Inspite of drop in this segment continued to launch at new products/models in this segment and maintaining the quality. We introduce up to 10 new products/models in a month. Hence all channel partners associated with Zebronics, grow even in the tough market and competition. This has strongly built their confidence and trust in Zebronics and in turn their confidence gives us a boost. We both work hand in hand. We have numerous loyal partners across the country and we make sure to give decent margins to the partners for the efforts they put in. We encourage channel partner to expand to new segments like CE or surveillance.

How your brand is different from others?


Through many parts discussed already in previous answers, I will list out few more points in short. Like, Quality consumers can rely on, which builds their trust on the brand;. Pan India service support with 130+ service locations; Most value for money brand; Launch new products continuously based on the changing trends and technology;. Bringing innovative products regularly like the MLS750, UFO; Most importantly we are a responsible brand with various CSR programs like ZEB-Learn, ZEB-Health, ZEB-Tech, ZEB-Environment and more.



What are your future plans and where do you want to be after two years?


In my earlier answers I have already discussed this, after two years we wish Zebronics while retaining the No 1 IT peripherals brand, also recognized as the leading Indian consumer electronics brand and increase its foot print in most remote areas.