“We see massive opportunity to equip smart cities in India with our...

“We see massive opportunity to equip smart cities in India with our Smart Parking Solution”

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Acer ITS Inc., a subsidiary of Acer, has won the Global ICT Excellence Award – Private Sector Excellence’ at the “Olympics Of Global ICT Industry”- the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2018 for its Smart Parking Meter solution. The award was announced and presented during the 22nd edition of WCIT held in India, hosted by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), India’s IT BPM industry association NASSCOM, and the Government of Telangana. In an interaction with Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India about the ITS business and its solutions in India.

Since, when has Acer been in the ITS business and how has it been so far?

Acer is one of the world’s largest ICT companies and has been in ICT business since 2004. To maintain the focus on ICT related solutions Acer created a subsidiary company called Acer ITS Inc., established in Sep. 2017. It is currently  #1 Bus AFC vendor in Taiwan market and serves about 70% of the total market with 600 million ridership and operates a secured infrastructure which runs transaction value over 200 million USD annually.

What are the various solutions Acer ITS offers?

Acer ITS offers smart parking meter and end to end e-ticketing solutions which includes ticket validator machine, on-street parking meter, managing the entire back-end software, e-transactions and cloud integration. Managing traffic spaces and seamless collection of tickets brings the best parking experience to the drivers and provide cloud-based, smart parking solution to government and private operators.

Give us a little brief about Acer’s Smart parking services?

The smart parking meter is a key innovation of Acer ITS’ smart parking solution developed specifically for the roadside parking segment. The solution is a combination of a full-fledged parking app, meters, and a management system that provides unparalleled experience for users and real business benefit to parking lot operators. The drivers can find real-time availability data collected by Acer smart parking meter and parking rate through Acer Parking App on their mobile phone.  The App also provide Navigation feature that suggested the best route to the destination. Time saved, efficiency increased, less traffic and carbon emission, which in return give us a greener, healthier living environment. It also helps in less labor cost, fewer human errors, automatic fee calculation and collection, multiple payment options and finally more revenue turnover for government with added convenience to users.

How does it feel to be recognized with such a prestigious award?

We are extremely delighted to win this award at 22nd edition of World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). This recognition is a testament to the creativity, dedication, and expertise that Acer ITS team has put in developing the real-time cloud solution for parking

What kind of opportunity do you see for this solution in India? How do you think the solution will help solve the parking problems here?

As Indian government had announced the ambitious 100 Smart Cities Mission, we see massive opportunity to equip smart cities in India with our Smart Parking Solution. Our solution will be a boon in managing parking in the streets of our cities. Space crunch has been a huge problem for everyone to find a suitable parking space, and this is where our solutions will help. Users can book their parking spaces even before they leave their house, through the smart parking app. It saves the hassle of last minute parking and there is no scope for human error involved while collecting parking tickets. It will also help reduce repetitive manual labor and labor force can be deployed to other important areas

By when can we expect the solution to launch in India?

India is one of the priority market for Acer ITS, and the solution is ready for the launch. It will be rolled out in collaboration with the government after feasibility studies.