“ We plan to invest more and more on India market in...

“ We plan to invest more and more on India market in terms of brand building ”

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RAPOO has constantly paid close attention to the continuous changes in user demands and to providing corresponding solutions. The RAPOO range of wireless mice, wireless keyboards, wireless headsets and wireless speakers is tailored to meet the needs of PC users. Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth keyboards for intelligent terminals, like mobile phones and tablet PCs, are further featured in RAPOO’s broad portfolio. Multimedia keyboards and Multi-Link (dandelion technology) product suites for the home theater round out the RAPOO range. In an interaction with Mukesh Chaudhary, Country Head-India, SAARC & ME, RAPOO Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. about the brand initiative and future plans in the Indian market.

Currently, which wireless peripheral product segments of Rapoo are doing well in the market and which you are focusing for the current financial year?

Wireless mice as a segment are doing well. Moreover, in 2018 we will focus more on the wireless Audio category mainly Headset & speakers. Also we will have more exciting products coming up under our gaming brand, VPRO.

What is your overall market outlook and where you currently focus?

The ratio of wireless peripherals vs wired ones is consistently increasing, in the current scenario it is 40:60. This is bound to interchange in the near future. Our focus is to provide affordable wireless peripherals so that the Indian market can easily shift as per other matured markets.

Keeping the various consumer verticals in mind, are you bringing any new product in the current and forthcoming quarters?

A variety of new products will be introduced in the Mobile accessories segment. Also our gaming segment VPRO, will continue to be the highlight this year considering the fact that eSports and gaming are growing in India at an unprecedented pace.

What kind of channel engagement programme are you planning?

Loyal and dedicated channel partners form the core of our business. Rapoo always believes in growing along with channel partners. Hence, every quarter a variety of initiatives are undertaken to encourage our partners in the form of incentives and other support programs.

Can we look forward to any more surprises in wireless peripherals in the near future for the Rapoo?

We will come up with our MT Series, where you can use three devices together by attaching one single Rapoo product.

How far has been Rapoo’s product able to position uniquely in the market?

Rapoo as a brand, has always delivered a stylish and innovative experience when it comes to Wireless Peripheral products. Also, VPRO, our gaming brand, is aimed to cater to the growing number of gamers in India who wish to have good gaming products at an affordable price point.

Last but not the least, what are your future plans?

We plan to invest more and more on India market in terms of brand building and also continue launching new products related to mobile accessories as well as gaming.