“We invested heavily in rehashing our partner structure more than two years...

“We invested heavily in rehashing our partner structure more than two years back”

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Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the business software products arena. Tally symbolizes unmatched innovation and leadership. Today, it caters to millions of users across industries in 140 countries and continues to be the unchallenged industry leader in the enterprise resource planning software domain. In an interaction with  Tejas Goenka, Executive DirectorTally Solutions Private Limited about the company’s new initiatives and future plans.

How Tally Solutions is fairing in the Indian market?

Tally has been doing reasonable well. We are constantly looking up and are adding more than 1 lakh businesses to our ever increasing user community every year. With GST on the cards we are very excited and looking forward to helping the country transition to the new tax regime.

How is your product Tally.ERP 9 Release 5 series performing in the market?

It has been close to 1.5 years now that Release 5 has been out in the market. Our objective with Release 5 was to provide a simple and effective tax management solution to all our customers. Release 5 with its powerful concept of triangulation enables businesses to detect errors in transactions, correct them in an intuitive manner thereby ensuring that tax returns are 100% accurate and a true reflection of books of accounts. The release was launched in an incremental manner across the country and we have now covered 24 states and Union territories. We have picked up momentum with every release in the series and our customers have experienced a lot of efficiency in managing their current day taxes. In fact with the advent of GST, the release has been looked at as a very good means to prepare for GST since GST is a transaction focused law and Release 5 is centered on the importance of accurate transactions affecting tax returns. Our message to all our customers is to move to Release 5 which is also our latest release in the market so that they can transition smoothly into the GST era.

How internet of things (IoT) technology helping you in doing your business better today?

IoT has without doubt influenced businesses like ours in a positive manner in terms of connecting with our customers, partners and employees. At Tally, we are putting in the best of our efforts to ensure that we bring the benefits of IoT to our customers. Most of our customers are from the SME segment and when such businesses start experiencing the benefits of IoT and become active participants in the cycle, the IoT has the potential to become a much more powerful entity than it is today. We hope to design and deliver such technologies which can make available the power of connectivity to small businesses which they can harness for their growth.

What kind of channel engagement programme are you planning for the national level?

We invested heavily in rehashing our partner structure more than two years back and we have been seeing good results. The structure is now stabilized and we are seeing our partners experiencing the benefits of working in a focused and organized manner. We hope to continue this with GST and are now ensuring that our partners are prepared in terms of knowledge and scale to handle the huge potential that we see as a company in the time to come.

What advise will you give to the resellers in the wake of demonetization?

Much has been said and made of this already and we think the environment has settled to an extent now. But the message to take, especially for our partners is to not just adopt cashless or less cash means but also drive it with their customers. We firmly believe that this will increase the velocity of commerce dramatically and enable everyone to grow exponentially in the long run.

 What is your future plan in the forthcoming quarters?

GST is our focus area for the next one year or so and we are putting in our best foot forward to ensure that the country transitions smoothly to the GST regime. It goes without saying that we want to deliver the simplest and most effective solution for GST compliance. But along with this we consider it our responsibility in the best interests of the nation to educate businesses about the new tax structure, how it is going to impact their business going forward and what they can do to prepare for it. GST is not just a tax change. It is a business reform with technology at the forefront. We have tied up with a number of industry and trade bodies like CAIT, FAIDA, CII, ASSOCHAM among others to take these messages to the last mile and are conducting a lot of on ground events.