“ VR Global IT Business Aims to become a Leading Provider of...

“ VR Global IT Business Aims to become a Leading Provider of IT Accessories ”

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VR Global IT Business is a New Delhi (Nehru Place)-based provider of IT accessories and peripherals. VR Global’s product portfolio includes a wide range of computer cables, computer accessories and laptop accessories, USB products, networking products, wireless mice, headphones, keyboards, CCTV camera accessories, PC devices & converters, etc.  In an interaction with NCN magazine, Anjani Joriwal, MD, VR Global IT Business, shares his company’s brand & product policy, market strategy and future plans.

VR Global IT Business tagline is ‘New Thinking and New Possibilities.’ VR Global sells its products under three brands Cavit, Ranz and Venta, where Ranz it their flagship brand.

“Under Ranz brand (launched in 2009), we provide medium quality products and it is our highest selling brand and the main revenue provider; under Cavit brand (launched in 2015), we provide the same products but of somewhat low quality for those who want low-priced products; and under Venta brand (launched in 2015), we sell high-quality products at relatively higher prices. The reason behind launching three brands with different quality levels is price goes up with quality. All customers are not willing to pay high price for high quality. Different customers want goods at different price points with different quality levels. But our highest selling brand is the mid-priced Ranz brand,” comments Anjani Joriwal.

VR Global has its H.O. in Delhi and a branch office in Lucknow, whereas they have distributors in all the major cities of India. Today, VR Global is growing at a healthy rate of 20-25%.

Anjani Joriwal adds, “Our USPs is we give equal importance to the packaging as well as quality. We use the best packaging materials to ensure better appearance and also safety of the products. Then, good quality, affordability and long-term relationships are our other merits. We have well-qualified and well-trained technical staff to offer excellent service support to our partners and customers. Our technical teams are present in all the major cities in India.”

Commenting on the government’s GST and Make in India initiatives, Anjani Joriwal states, “GST is a good step for the health of the businesses in India. However, the GST law needs some improvements and reforms. There are some confusion like 12% tax on some goods and 18% on some other products. In some cases, broad definitions of categories are given, but products are not specified which is essential to do business smoothly. This is leading to confusions and misinterpretations. Once properly reformed and improved, the new GST law will definitely make doing business in other states and cities easy for us and for that matter for everyone. It will also help those working in white to grow and to curb the black market. The Make in India movement will take quite some time before it becomes practicable and beneficial to the domestic manufacturers, because there are issues related to poor availability components and raw materials, shortage of skilled labor, outdated labor laws, etc. Anyway, we wish that this Make in India initiative will be successful in the coming years to take the nation forward and make the country self-reliant.”

For the success of any brand or provider, a good supply channel plays an important role. To do well in the market, a provider should ensure proper technical support and also motivating margins to the channel partners. Talking on their channel support and future plans, Anjani Joriwal comments, “Our channel partners get the best service support from our technical teams spread across India. Then our products also have decent margins for the channel partners. So our channel is very much satisfied with us and they are doing impressive business. Currently, our business is growing well and we are happy with our growth. In the last few years, though PC sales have been stagnant, demand for laptop accessories has been increasing and hence our business too has been increasing. We are optimistic about our future. We want establish our brands strongly in the Indian market and expand our business.”