“Perfect received good feedback about the quality in-terms of performance comparing with...

“Perfect received good feedback about the quality in-terms of performance comparing with other leading brands”

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Singapore based Perfect brand has set its goal towards imprinting its footprint in the sector of next-gen communication, infotainment and tech solutions. Their plans are specifically targeted towards the SOHO, SMB, SME segments across the sphere. Their primary objective is to provide integrated supply chain that will be backed up by the real time services. Perfect has robust teams for Product Management, Sales, Customer Service and Finance, which they believe, will enhance customer satisfaction. In an interaction with Bishwajit Sutradhar, Country Director (India & SAARC), Perfect & Satpal Singh Viridi, COO, Perfect pte about the brand’s performance in India & SAARC market and future initiatives. Excerpts of the interview:

Could you elaborate the overall performance of Perfect brand in India & SAARC market?
We have just introduced our products into India ,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka market & received good feedback about the quality of the Product in-terms of Performance Comparing with Leading Brands & we see our customer started buying our Products & we have seen the Confidence from our partners are getting strong day by day. It gives us clear indication that partners & customer accepted our unique features.

Perfect is a networking standard that produces high-quality networking equipment as adapters and switches. What does this mean for your home, SOHO or SMB network?
For 2018 till December we have Product road Map includes GPON Range & 4G Value Router ranges with adding of Dual band products will make us into SOHO & SMB Both the Domain as POE ranges, devolvement is going on.

Which are they key verticals in the country, generating a major demand for Wi-Fi routers and other networking products?
As of now we are focusing on all Domain Retails, Channel, Online domain with specific vertical base approaches & support.

How well your products are tailored for Indian market needs?
As we see India market is dynamic with different weather condition at different geographical location, humidity, cold, dry we made our product designed such a way to work on all conditioned with high protection on all level electric & other hazards.

What progress has Perfect made in terms of activities and business in the last year and the quarter that has just ended?
As per the progress is concerned we have seen more level of acceptance from big customers are happening & Test process is converting into actual purchase order.

What are the significant changes happening in the networking space?
On the Network space demand for data from double digit gone to four digits due to huge growth on Consumer data consumption demand increases and more no of Consumers are adding as internet user. Rural area getting connected by Internet so there are growth on all respect.

How unique are your brand and your strategies to grab the attention of the channels?
We are now implementing all policies towards supporting channel & consumers which are definitely unique I think let our channel partner will comment on this question on next QTR.

What are your future plans in 2018?
Activation of More & More consumers to create a demand for our loyal channel partners.