Pantum records robust growth in sales in Q1 and Q2 in 2019...

Pantum records robust growth in sales in Q1 and Q2 in 2019 in the Indian market

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Pantum is an international company which develops manufactures and sells laser printers and toner cartridges. Pantum has shown significant progress in the printing industry and market penetration around the world in a very short period of time. The company has a mission to provide users with reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly printing solutions.

In an interaction with Mr. Michael Qin, Sales Director, Pantum International about the overall performance and the new initiatives in the market.

What is the overall performance of Pantum in the Indian market and in global market?

Michael: Pantum, original printer manufacturer, owns the core technology of laser printers and develops, manufactures and markets laser printers, consumables and printing solutions. In 2011, we began our overseas expansion and are currently active in more than 50 countries and regions across the world, with an average growth rate of more than 50%.

India is a key market for Pantum and we are focused on further enhancing the user experience by introducing innovative and competitive products. Since rolling out a new product and distribution strategy in the Indian market at the beginning of this year,we have achieved a year-on-year sales growth rate of more than 800% in the Indian market in Q1 and Q2 of 2019.

Being a new entrant in Indian printer market, how your brand makes an impact?

Michael: As a new entrant in the Indian printer market, Pantumis endeavoring to provide cost-efficient, easy-to-use products to userswithout compromising on quality and efficiency that help customers work smart with USB, Network and Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, we offer one-step installation and can connect printers with PCs or mobile devices through a simple click, making printing, copying and scanning more convenient than ever.

Our printers are built with a metal frame, which ensures durability and is less prone to wear. We actively carry out promotion activities, including store advertising, marketing meetings, gift promotions to expand the brand influence and popularity in India. The combinationof distinct designs, competitive pricing and localized services has given Pantum a significant edge in the Indian market.

How your distributors play a role in your brand building activities?

Michael: Our distributors play an important role in brand building activities. Starting in 2019, Pantum began to team up with distribution giant Supertronwhich is among the top 4 IT distributors in India. Supertron’s strong channel network has helped us to reach customers across India including government and public institutions. We successfully won a bid in the education segment in a south Indian state toprovide thousands of printers. Our sub-distributorsare also actively helping us to bring our products to T3 stores.

In comparison to major printer vendors, how effective is your aftermarket solutions?

Michael: Pantum has teamed up with service supplier Wipro as its nationwide customer service representative to provide user-friendly one-year on-site services. For government and large enterprise users, we also provide three-year and five-year extended warranty solutions according to user needs. Additionally, we have also formed a local sales team that provides sales services to sub-distributors and resellers.

Can we look forward to any more surprises in the near future from the Pantum brand?

Michael: The upcoming new entry-level and mid-range products are expected to be on sale in September, including the single-function P3302/P3305DN series and multi-functionM6608N series. Not only arewe actively expanding our product offering in India’s entry-level and mid-range segments, but also we seek to complete a rapid color printing machine in Q4 with impressive speed of up to 20PPM – an astounding achievement for color printers that is sure to energize India’s high-end printer market.

Additionally, we will launch a managed print service (MPS) that will allow the companies to effectively tailor printing solutions for customers. Driven by our patented technology, we continuously innovateour office products to meet the evolving needs of customers, offering convenient, easy-to-use, economical, reliable and energy-efficient products and solutions.