Optoma sees great opportunity as video, audio, IoT and AI are integrating...

Optoma sees great opportunity as video, audio, IoT and AI are integrating fast in AV Solutions : Austin Huang, VP–Strategy & Global Business, Optoma

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Optoma is a world-leading and award-winning projector brand of Centronic Group based out of Taipei in Taiwan. Founded on the business philosophy of dedication, professionalism and efficiency through comprehensive product categories and flexible marketing strategy, Optoma has received global recognition from customers and media. In an interaction with NCN, Austin Huang, VP–Strategy & Global Business, Optoma, shares his companies global and India-specific status and approach, product and market strategies.

Austin Huang comments, “Optoma is focused on providing cutting-edge projectors solutions in audio visual space. Now we are extending into IP (interactive panels) and all-in-one LED displays. Optoma is No 1 provider of DLP technologies and revenue-wise Optoma is No 4 globally. Our projector technologies are used in the education, corporates, homes, personal and professional services; and also in hotels, exhibitions, museums, concerts and outdoor projection activities. AV segment is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide and also in India; we see a rich opportunity in this segment.”

Optoma has been focused on projection system development and marketing since it was established. Backed by competent technology, professionalism, efficient resource distribution and control, Optoma is a pioneer in the world of projection technology. The extensive product range of Optoma includes projectors for portable, fixed installation and home theater projectors.

Speaking about their India plans, Austin adds, “Coming to India, we have been very active in education sector as an education service provider of projector solutions in classrooms for mid-school, high-school and colleges. Now we are expanding further in the AV and pro-AV areas aggressively. In AV space, Optoma is the No 1 provider of 4K UHD projectors in the world. In 2018, we had 22% worldwide share in 4K projectors. In India, we are looking for aggressive partners as we want to bring our quality 4K projectors into the Indian market. Retarding Pro-AV products, we have robust laser line LED projectors. In the second half of the year we will launch new 4K UHD products in India. We hope we will do well in India with the support of our partners.”

Committed to serve the business, education, home, mobile and entertainment projection needs, Optoma is devoted to make organizations and businesses more efficient, make learning more attractive and life more enjoyable. With main focus on R&D, Optoma covers about 21% of the global projector market and is the single largest maker of DLP projectors. Today, Optoma is investing in AI technologies.

“Our wide range of projectors built on cutting-edge technologies, reduce the total cost of ownership and maintenance to a considerable extent. The latest DLP technologies are making the display brighter and clearer. In future, video, audio, IoT and AI will be integrated into products, which will offer very good opportunities for Optoma. We see a great opportunity in the fast growing Indian market,” concludes Austin.