“NP AV Anti-Virus Solutions are Technically Strong and Affordable”

“NP AV Anti-Virus Solutions are Technically Strong and Affordable”

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India Antivirus is one of the leading providers of Anti-Virus and Internet Security tools for corporate, office users and home users. Established with their H.O. in Pune. They have indigenously developed and introduced their own software called Net Protector Antivirus (NP AV) Net Protector Total Security. In an interaction with NCN, Srikant Gandhi, Regional Sales Manager (Mumbai) shares his company’s views and strategy.

India Antivirus has been actively involved in R&D of Anti-Virus software to bring out best security solutions to the end users. India Anitivisus’ motto is to ‘Add confidence to computing’ by developing innovative solutions for large corporate, small enterprises and individual users.

Srikant Gandhi shares, “In Mumbai, we have over 3000 partners (including all types). Our main selling points are our anti-virus is technically strong and cost-effective compared to others’ solutions. Our main customers are corporate, SMEs, schools and then consumers. We are growing at an annual rate of 20%. We promote mainly through print and online advertisements.”

India Antivus is led by Sanjiv Kela, Director– Business Development; and Sumeet Kela, Director—Technology. Both the Directors have in-depth expertise & experience in the fields of Security Software, user needs and the marketing strategies. Net Protector Antivirus is enterprise-wide Anti-Virus software that scans the local and network drives for viruses, Internet Security and cleans them. It defends the office networks from all viruses, worms and spyware attacks and keeps the business lifeline, the network and PCs, running smooth and secure. Net Protector is Content Security Software for the corporate Mail Servers that scans e-mails, attachment files and web pages on a real-time basis.

During the last 10 years, NP AV made a lot of study and progress in developing the best anti-virus software solutions that deal with the ever-increasing sophisticated threats. Home computers are attacked by viruses and spywares hiding in various sources like Broadband / Dial-up Internet Connection, e-mails, messenger chat, digital camera, memory cards, USB pen drives, MP3 Player / iPods, game / entertainment CDs, mobile phones, floppies, CDs, etc. Net Protector Antivirus plus Internet Security for Home PC is an effective defense against all these areas of intrusion. NP AV offers free phone / email / online support through their helpdesk. Net Protector Antivirus incorporates a very strong Anti-Virus and Internet Security to defend the home PCs from different attacks and threats. When a user installs Net Protector, he can use his PC for connecting to various devices safely. The user’s PC will remain protected from the latest new viruses, spywares, malwares, worms, etc. All members of a family can use the Internet and E-mail with full speed for study, work and entertainment. Also spyware generates a lot of undesired Internet traffic and increase the Internet bills and slows down / hangs the PCs. Net Protector defends your PC from such spyware attacks and ensures the Home PC is healthy and fit while also decreasing Internet bills.

Regarding channel strategy and future plans, Srikant Gandhi comments, “We have good training programs as well as good incentive schemes for our partners. We have already launched end-point security. Shortly, we are going to launch a new security software solution for corporate. We will come up more solutions in the coming year. We are getting a lot of professional enquiries from the prospective partners. We are looking forward to a great future for our software solutions in the coming years.”