Marg is extensively working on customised solutions to solve the challenges and...

Marg is extensively working on customised solutions to solve the challenges and digitize the supply chain management in various verticals

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Mr. Sudhir Singh, Managing Director, Marg ERP Ltd.

Marg ERP has been working for the ease of doing business for SMEs and MSMEs, we have incorporated artificial intelligence and crystal reporting to equip businesses with automation and better information for quick decision making. The latest technological innovations that we are offering include Collaborative Commerce, Connected Banking and Integrated e-mobile apps.

Collaborative commerce is the most recent platform wherein user can upload and download their invoices and all the mismatch conditions are totally eradicated through this system along with ZERO manual intervention.

Connected banking is our champion offering, for a smooth transition and functioning of our platform connects with the banking platform as per request.

Integrated e-mobile apps that make user-friendly feature rich dynamic platform on the user’s phone for easy and flexible access.

Marketing strategy in order to penetrate deeper

The organisation was incorporated in 2000 to address the technological gap in managing inventory in the pharma sector. Our humble beginning in the pharma sector then enabled us to understand the gaps in various other sectors and hence the company started providing customised solutions to various other sectors. We presently have 60% market share in the pharma sector and have presence in more than 20 sectors in the country. In order to penetrate deeper in the MSME segment, we have competitively priced all our offerings and have always focused on providing best in class customer support to ensure seamless operations for all our customers. This has enabled strong recommendations and mouth publicity for our products. Apart from deep understanding of various sectors, we also comprehend the region wise requirements of our customers. We participate in conferences region wise to building relations and for result oriented networking.We have also marked our international presence in more than 25 countries with customised product offerings to promote ease of doing business at all the levels.

USPs Of Marg products vis a vis it’s competition

We have a completely different approach, compared to other companies in this segment, when it comes to providing solutions; we are more focussed on inventory, which is the most complex problem of today’s business. We believe that Accounting is a part of a business while inventory management is the backbone of growth of the business. We make sure that our technical solutions are User-Friendly, efficient and affordable.

There are a few exclusive features that only Marg is providing, which are;

  • We have a strong channel reach spread across the country
  • We are present in more than 25+ countries
  • We provide door-to-door service to our customers
  • Turnaround time to resolve a query is half an hour

Channel partner strategies

We are a 100% indirect working organisation, we only work through our channel partners. We believe in giving the best opportunities to our channel partners. We initiated this channel partner association in the year 2005 and since then they have been instrumental in accelerating the growth of the organisation.They have been delivering and implementing our knowledge and expertise in different segments of the market, and maintain our position among the top Inventory and Accounting software of the world. We work on 3 tier partnership program. First is the founding partners, who has been associated with Marg from the beginning and are exclusive Marg Dealers are called Marg Strategic Partners (MSP), next is Marg Master Partners (MMP) who are the direct partners and the last is indirect partners working through our network called Marg Partner (MP). Currently, we have more than 1200 Partners and 12000 sales representatives with presence in 707+ districts. In order to promote entrepreneurial prospects, we also provide opportunities to our employees to become a partner with the organisation and secure a prosperous future. We are looking at further penetration by adding 1500 partners by the year 2020 to strength our channel partner network and enhance our penetration across geographies.

Opportunities for Partners:

We do not raise a single invoice directly to the customers, all the leads generated leads we pass to our channel partners and give them the opportunity to establish a long-term sustainable business. They get a large amount of profit and gets recurring income.

Continuous support is provided by us through each level, from starting the business to lead generation to trainings.