Indian Consumers Are Typically Price Conscious And Quantum Has A Plethora Of...

Indian Consumers Are Typically Price Conscious And Quantum Has A Plethora Of Products In Different Price Points

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Quantum Hi-Tech has made its mark in the Indian IT Industry. India is a key market that has shown sustainable growth over years. It offers a humongous scope for businesses are open to the idea of new technologies. In an interaction with Ashish Mutneja, CEO of Quantum Hi-tech about the brand activities and future plans for the Indian market.

How Quantum brand performing in the Indian market?

We have always strived to bring attractive price points but keeping the Quality and Reliability as the key focus. We already have our own R&D/Manufacturing set up in India for the product portfolio us the strongest – Power Banks and IT/Mobile Accessories. With the robust R&D Team to meet the needs and expectations of the Indian customers, and team of experienced professionals Quantum Hi Tech is committed to build ‘Reliable IT Solutions’. In terms of product performance, Power banks has been our key product portfolio. For the last 3 years, we have seen a huge demand and refinement in this section. In the coming times, we shall focus on Audio as we plan to venture to Bluetooth speakers, Smart devices/IOT as we understand the future is Smart.

What are the key areas of technical developments in the industry that the Quantum are looking at?

When it comes to Mobile accessories specific to Power Banks; working on efficiency is the key, currently industry is at around 85 % efficiency; wherein Quantum aims to refine the figures and will soon achieve 91 % efficiency in power bank. Another interesting concept we working upon are the IOT based devices Smart Devices. Keep watching this space we have bigger announcements up soon.

How Quantum is expanding Indian operations through retail chain?

Our growth shall be defined by our channel growth. We are a very channel entric company; we are more focused on our Distribution channel than the Online Retailing. We have over 200 distributors, 20,000-plus resellers and 20-plus service touch points that strengthen Quantum Hi-Tech’s foothold in over 1,000 cities and towns. Our Channel partners are the backbone of our success and growth in the Indian Market. They have been extremely helpful in expanding across the length and breadth of the country, distributing the products to Tier II and Tier III cities. We work pretty closely with our channel partners we believe that in their growth is our growth and hence a lot of our schemes, activations/ promotions are very centric to them. Our growth chart focuses on expansion in retail chains – the consumer touch points. Focussing on B/C/D Class of cities – as the kind of product categories we cater to shall see a huge scope in these regions considering the changing market scenario.

What type of challenges Quantum facing in the Indian market?

Sustaining Quality in our business is the prime concern. Right from inspection, failure check/ratio to material Quantum Hi tech has focussed to build reliable IT Solutions. Though our lot of our manufacturing is contract manufacturing wherein the vendors mere manufacture our products, its Quantum which designs, engineers and chooses every component to ensure no compromise to bring best budgeted solutions at best prices. Another challenge – Well, “Make-In-India” is a good start but currently India lacks the eco-system for making in India. The building blocks of any electronics manufacturing i.e compents and IC FAB which is not available in India which brings the dis – balance. Labor Productivity also remains one of the key concerns. Adding which, still many only ‘Assemble in India’ and not ‘make in India’ which does not build bandwidth for kind of new innovations.

What is the USP of your brand and how far that has been able to position uniquely in the market?

Indian consumers are typically price conscious and Quantum has a plethora of products in different price points to suit all. Our strenuous efforts has given us an edge over our competitors and made as front runners in the competition. Our R&D team does extensive studies on the demand pattern of our consumers. They attempt to understand the consumer’s needs to suit them better. Adding to which, we also have got good after sales service support. Even the smallest product of Quantum which is just mere 99. Rs come with a 1 year warranty. Which proves our tag line “Reliable IT Solutions”

What are your future plans?

Due to the volatile, unpredictable nature of the Indian market, we do face austere competition. But Quantum remains an undaunted brand. To satisfy the expectations from us, we do have an entire range of products lined up for the next year. These will cater to varied TGs – serious workaholics from corporates and enterprises etc. This year, we also will try to reach more tier 2 and tier 3 cities with our products and establish our sales touch points in every targeted region.