“FITAG’s representation to the State, National and International bodies will protect the...

“FITAG’s representation to the State, National and International bodies will protect the interest of IT community”

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Federation of Information Technology Associations of Gujarati is commonly known as FITAG. FITAG is an Umbrella body of all 35 IT associations across Gujarat existing in all the class of cities. Thus, FITAG represents nearly 3500+ IT partners in Gujarat. In an interaction with Praful Desai, President, FITAG, about the association’s activities and future plans.

What are the agendas and objectives of FITAG?

The aim of founding the Federation is to propagate & spread the message of IT in general. FITAG objectives in nutshell have a five point agenda; Flourish, Knowledge, Networking, Strength & Protection are the five points on which the foundation of FITAG is laid on. So far objectives of FITAG are concerned, it is to protect and promote the interest of the Business Community. To support and protect the character and status of the Business Community. In general to take the initiative to secure the welfare of the business community in all respects.

How FITAG help to many associations in many different manners like extending support in all kind of events?

FITAG can help to many associations in many different manners like extending support in all kind of events. An umbrella or parent body can represent the entire community to broader platforms in comparison to any local association. FITAG’s representation is considered as the whole IT fraternity of Gujarat. Another advantage is, due to existence and activities of FITAG, the local associations have started interacting with each other more frequently which improves the understanding and in turn is healthier for the entire community. One of the motto behind arranging the convention is to bring all the associations on a common platform and update them about today’s and tomorrow’s trends in the Industry.

Major activities of your association?

Provide Enormous Business opportunities through International Activities

COMPUTEX TAIPEI : FITAG Organize business trip by providing subsidies for getting benefit of minimum journey cost at Taiwan IT expo which Work towards building technology ecosystem by focusing on 5 main themes : AI & Robotics, IoT Applications, Innovations & Startups, 5G, Blockchain, and Gaming & VR in which 42,284 international visitors from 168 countries were coming.

INTERNATIONAL ICT EXPO HONG KONG: FITAG Arrange international trip holding 34 Fitag members in 2018 for imparting business expansion, development and new technology knowledge at HKTDC EXPO having 600+ exhibitors from 10+ countries.
– Provide Grand Business opportunities through National Activities…

GATES : One on one Meet to interact with direct owners and India’s chief possessing by 25+ companies.

INFOCOMM: 110+ FITAG delegates visited Expo of Audio-visual and IT combination in which 200+ International companies were participated.- Provide New Business opportunities through State Activities…

President Conclave: At Rajkot for exchanges future prospects of FITAG with active participation of all cities presidents.

FITAG IT-Yatra : At 28 Non-metro locations across Gujarat with motive of spreading business awareness regarding ethical business in whole IT fraternity.

Are you facing any challenges during the implementation of any programme?

Over and above this we are facing one more major challenge is the fluctuation of IT product prices due to ofline and online difference in market so to prevent this we are highly trying to upgrade our members with knowledge towards more business opportunities for their expansion and survival in the market.

What are the activities you’re planning in the years to come?

As of now we are planning with acceleration towards replicate past major events plus providing further international opportunities to make our members getting more updated regarding upcoming business trends in world of IT. Moreover, we are planning to arrange motivational programme called as “swasathe swand”- the basic need of human being to live life peacefully to boost up the IT fraternity again at 28 Non-metro locations.