“Ethics and Truthfulness has been our culture and helped building a strong...

“Ethics and Truthfulness has been our culture and helped building a strong foundation over the years “

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Chennai based Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products Computers peripherals and Consumer Electronics totaling to 25 product categories and more than 350 SKUs. It has 31 Branch offices and over 128 service centres covering all major cities. In an interaction with Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd. about the company’s initiatives and future plans.

How Zebronics brand is performing in the Indian market?

As a brand, Zebronics is performing well in the market, across all the segments we are present. We’ve picked up pace in the IT peripherals segment. We’re also looking forward to launch, a lot of new tailor made high-end products for gaming like cabinets, power supply, keyboard, mouse and headphones are in the pipeline. We have received the “Best Indian IT brand award” recently from NCN.  In the speaker segment, we are one of the leading brands in the country and we’re constantly evolving and bringing new technology.  The Sound monster range of speakers very successful and we have been also awarded as “No 1 Speaker brand”. We’re one of the emerging brands in the Surveillance segment, there is a positive feedback from the channel and the consumers in this segment, this segment is gradually picking up. Expansion in this segment has also given new opportunities to our channel partners as well. As a result of continuously booming mobile market, the demand for accessories has also scaled up. We’ve expanded and introduced a lot of new products in mobile accessories segment. We’ve launched new products like power banks, headphones/earphones, cables, portable speakers. The market response we’re getting is positively good for these products as we’re able to capture a new segment of buyers especially in the gifting segment. Power banks segment got us the “Best Power bank brand” award.

How has the experience of building a completely Indian brand been?

The experience of being an Indian brand is overwhelming, the trust and the loyalty that customers and our channel partners have put in our brand is the reason, we’re a leading brand that always delivers high quality. Our high quality products with value for money price, is the reason why people love us. Building this brand took time and a lot of effort from getting the right product to verifying designs, quality and mastering the art of sales, and delivering a high quality product. The credit also goes to our in-house Test and Development department that monitors the latest developments in the field of technology and innovation to find more suitable products for the market.

What is your core strength as a leader?

In this intensely competitive market you got to have a vision for the future. You have to predict the future as it unfolds. Technology changes so fast today that you have to plan and change your strategies very fast or you will be biting dust in the race. Taking opinions and feedbacks from everyone be it from the team or our channel partners and then a quick mutual decision at the top management helps us stay ahead in the industry. Zebronics has always believed working in straightforward manner. We believe there is neither shortcut to success nor any replacement for hard work. Ethics and truthfulness has been our culture and helped building a strong foundation over the years.

How Zebronics expanding Indian operations through retail chain?

Our plan is to make Zebronics a household name even in the remotest part of the country. Even in rural and semi-urban areas, there is a huge market potential, which needs to be further tapped. Our plan is to increase the no of partners, direct or indirect in these locations. This will increase reach of our products, biggest USP of Zebronics products is value for money and backed by reliability. Zebronics products go really well with the consumers in these locations, who are always looking for best bang for the buck.

What is the USP of your brand and how far that has been able to position you uniquely in the market?


The core value of Zebronics brand EQR mantra (Excellence, Quality and reliability) and Value for money price have helped us in winning the consumers. Value for money is something which is deeply embedded into Zebronics brand, without any compromise in quality. Our brand is also backed by our amazing team which is dedicated to scale the brand to new heights .People vouch for our brand because of the quality of our product and access to a plethora of service centers across India.

What are your future plans?

We shall continue to bring out the best in the world of technology to the consumers. We are an ambitious brand we believe in goal setting and achieving. Our future plans contain launching new products in the IT peripherals segment. We are also going to launch products in the gaming segment soon as I’ve mentioned earlier. Many new innovative and designer products are expected like a new sound bar would be launched in couple of months time. Lot of new products is planned in mobile accessories segment as well like cables, powerbanks, VR headsets and more.