“Dell EMC has World-class data protection solutions for enterprises and SMEs”

“Dell EMC has World-class data protection solutions for enterprises and SMEs”

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Dell EMC serves a key role in providing the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset–information. Dell EMC enables enterprise customers’ IT and digital business transformation through trusted hybrid cloud and big-data solutions, built upon a modern data center infrastructure that incorporates industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage, and cybersecurity technologies. In an interaction with NCN, Alex Lei, VP, Data Protection Solutions, APJ, Dell EMC, shares their company’s mission, vision and objectives on the global scale with a special focus on the Indian context.

Alex shares, “Dell EMC is one of the largest providers of data security solutions that cover a wide spectrum of activities that include data search, protection, retrieval, recover, control, authentication, implementation, governance and so on. With organizations today becoming more and more dependent on Internet, the risks associated with data too have increased at a rapid pace. Dell has the capabilities and features to deploy infrastructure and apps on cloud safely and quickly and helps clients how to manage security controls and virtualization on public cloud or private cloud.”

Dell Technologies has 7 strategically aligned verticals. Dell EMC had R&D presence in India since 2003 and in 2007, the India Center of Excellence (COE) was formed to advance R&D efforts and services in the field of Cloud, Big Data & IT Security by leveraging the highly skilled talent that exists in India.

Alex states, “With data breaches becoming increasingly common, today for organizations across the world, data protection has become a major concern. The GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) about to come into force in the European Union (EU) is a landmark law in the history of data protection and cybersecurity. The new GDRP legislation with a wider jurisdiction and stronger teeth increases the liability of the companies regarding data protection and makes organizations liable to pay heavy fines if they fail to comply. We foresee the implementation of more such data protection laws in rest of the world in the coming years.”

Dell EMC works with organizations around the world, in several industries in the public and private sectors, from startups to the Fortune Global 500. Dell EMC’s customers include global money center banks, leading financial services firms, manufacturers, healthcare and life sciences organizations, Internet service and telecommunications providers, airlines and transportation companies, educational institutions and public sector agencies.

Elaborating more on their India focus, Alex clarifies, “India is undergoing rapid digitalization process. I have been working with Indian customers for the past 10 years, and in the last three years I saw a tremendous growth in digitalization. India faces similar risks of data breaches as any other country in the world. Dell has inbuilt security solutions ready to provide anyone who wants to partner with us. Today, a huge data is being generated. Like GDPR in EU, India too needs to develop strong data protection law to secure the data ecosystem.”

Today, Dell EMC is the industry’s most trusted provider of capabilities spanning strategy development, consultative services and solution deployment and support to help customers and partners drive the digital transformation of their businesses.

Regarding the different data protection risks affecting SMEs and Enterprises, Alex briefs, “In first part, the governments and large enterprises have better data hygiene environment because they can invest more on data protection, whereas SMEs do not have strong control on data protection and recovery. In my conversations with legislative teams and agencies, I observed that they are more worried about lack of strong data protection infra with SMBs. But since SMBs form a bigger part of the national economy, if SMBs are hit the economy is hit. Another angle is even the governments and large enterprises have to deal with many SMEs and SMBs, besides dealing with other enterprises and the government departments. And in turn, the lack of security at SMEs or SMBs can indirectly affect the large enterprises and governments. The second part is availability of skilled manpower. As economy modernizes and digitalizes, one of underpinning factors is lack of trained people to handle security issues with SMEs. We are regularly organizing training sessions to channel partners, executives in enterprises and governments, as well as SMEs about the issues related to data security and how our solutions can help them.”

Regarding future plans, Alex adds, “Dell EMC is extremely committed to working in India, which is one of the fastest growing and biggest markets in the world. We have invested three billion dollars in the Indian market. Dell EMC is already involved in several government projects. We are doing our best to help Indian enterprises to become safe and secure. We see good scope and bright opportunities in the coming years for our solutions in India.”