“ The year 2017 is crucial for us as we are expecting...

“ The year 2017 is crucial for us as we are expecting good expansion”

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Synway, a leading VoIP-enabling solutions provider based in China, forayed into the Indian market with big plans. Synway has partnered with applications & solutions providers worldwide to deliver turkey solutions for enterprises and telecom carriers. Based on long-standing business network, Synway’s appliances and equipments, with third-party compliant software platforms have served several thousand customers around the globe. In an interaction with Alok Kumar, Business Manager (Asia Pacific) of Synway India about the company’s initiatives and future plans.

Alok Kumar, Business Manager (Asia Pacific) of Synway India comments, “Synway has been present in the market for nearly 26 years. We are adding more and more products and solutions in HMP, CPI cards, gateways, software & hardware solutions to our portfolio. Currently, we are providing gateway solutions and we are the single OEM in the market with all the related Telco interfaces like faxes, analog, GSM, PRI, etc, from load entity to hide entity. We always focus on USPs based on new innovations and technology and develop solutions based on feedback from the market. Our products and solutions are always in line with the interests of our channel partners, technology associates and the end customers.”

Synways customers include contact centers, financial institutes, public security, government agencies, service providers, hospitality, SMEs, SMBs, enterprises and operators. In ever-changeable environments, Synway’s long-term goal would be of partnership with vendors of cloud-based unified communications, providing enterprises and SPs with a complete range of cloud-based applications, including Video and Audio Conferencing, Contact Center, IP-PBX, Unified Messaging, Social Media Services and more.

Alok adds, “We are present in all the creamy layers of the IT industry like enterprises, ISPs, SMEs, SMB. Our market of operation also includes schools, colleges, smart societies, etc where intercom, GSM, VoIP solutions, etc are need. Talking about analog gateways, for Lodha Group we have deployed nearly 10,000 ports with GSM and recently for Bharat Matrimony, we deployed over 80, 32-port gateways. For Tata Motors and Tata Communications we installed TDM and IP network solutions.”

The most unparalleled advantages of Synway are service and affordable cost. Sunway commits to responding to clients in 24 hrs online and 72 hrs on-site accesses. With Synway’s global support networks, one can acquire free-of-charge approval service effortlessly, anytime & anywhere. For negligible defective rate, no-question-asked return, 1-year replacement, 6-year repairs, lifetime repairs are guaranteed.

Regarding their channel policy, Alok states, “We recently launched three new products and solutions for all TDM networks. Our tagline is SIM-less IP and TDM networks. As for the channel, we started initially with one master distributor (VYC Networks) who was taking care of all our activities. But now we have added region level distributors (for North, South, East, West), who deal with region-specific needs. Our Authorized Partners focus on region-level and customer-level requirements. We route all our customer-related work through our partners; we do not deal with anyone directly.”

Committed to creating values beyond tomorrow for the partners, Synway has evolved into a leading provider of modern communications technology, with its complete range of open-standard products helping developers to deploy pioneering IP, TDM, mobile and video solutions in multiple levels of integration in legacy and new generation networks. Synway partners with service providers to explore rapid, cost-efficient and highly-accessible value-added services needed meet the present day technological requirements. To reassure service providers’ growth, Synway offers an array of open-standard IP & TDM compliant hardware and software components, including versatile and field-proven multimedia gateways, integrated multimedia switch and build-in signaling protocols software to cater to various needs. These products are perfect for building scalable, robust service (voice/data/video) platforms, which include unified messaging, WAP, CRBT, SMS and other innovative value-added services in complex wireless and wireline networks.AK_Team

Alok clarifies, “For us, India is a very important market. The Indian government is going to legalize VoIP, which will open more opportunities for us. In 2016, we did our groundwork, organized our channel network and defined our marketing strategy. The year 2017 is crucial for us as we are expecting good expansion. We recently conducted a two-day event: the first day involved hardcore technical training in hardware installation for partners with live demos; and the second day is for solution partners like Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Microsoft Link, etc, where the main focus was on sales & market planning. We are happy with our progress and optimistic about our future.”