“Innofitt Provides Ergonomically Designed Monitor Arms, Table Stands and Other Office Solutions”

“Innofitt Provides Ergonomically Designed Monitor Arms, Table Stands and Other Office Solutions”

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Innofitt Systems Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai-based provider of Monitor Arm Solutions, DeskPort Solutions, KBD Solutions, CPU Solutions, Drawer Solutions, Table Stands and Other Office Solutions. These products optimize space utilization while giving office a stylish and modern look. With a client list of leading architects, top furniture manufacturers, importers, interior contractors and select corporate/institutions, Innofittstrives to constantly innovate and provide great working spaces. Besides their corporate office in Mumbai, Innofitt has branch offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. Sunil Devnani is a graduate in commerce discipline and has over 28 years of extensive experience in the field of furniture manufacturing. Sunil has been closely guided by Innofitt’s Co-Founder, Ramesh Devnani. As Director – Marketing of Innofitt, Sunil is well-versed with the technical matters related to the company products and he leads the sales and marketing teams ensuring high levels of customer service and consumer satisfaction.

Innofitt firmly believes in providing a pain-free workplace. Through Innofitt’s intelligent office accessories, clients can create a stress-free workplace, which eventually increases the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Over the years, it has been Innofitt’s constant endeavor to uphold the commitment of creating ergonomic workstations that ensure greater productivity and cost-savings to all their clients.In an interaction with NCN Magazine, Sunil Devnani, Director—Marketing, Innofitt Systems, shares their company product-line, focus and mission.

Please brief us about Innofitt Systems Pvt Ltd, your product-line and focus?
We are one of the largest manufacturers of office solutions such as arms and stands for computer monitors—single, dual and four monitors, furniture, etc. The office furniture and solutions often look simple, but can cause lot of discomfort and loss of productivity if they are not properly designed to suit the nature of work and type of workforce.We understand that today in most cases office furniture is not designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, leading to health issues and unnecessary strain on the body, besides decreasing productivity and efficiency. That’s why we always aim to design and create products that will take care of such issues.

What is special feature about your accessories?
Our monitor arms have a great space-saving feature. Normal monitors need 7inch X7inch footprint on the table but if you keep the same on the monitor arms we provide, the space needed will be 2-inX2-in footprint. The other advantage of monitor arms is that the user can adjust the height and tilt of the monitors according to his convenience and comfort. More comfort in turn means more productivity and efficiency.

Who are your customers?
Our Monitor Arms are very suitable in banking, engineering services, all types of control rooms, NOC rooms. Also many day-traders also like to watch four screens simultaneously and our monitor arms give them great comfort. Our clients include Infosys, Wipro, Mumbai Traffic Control, Ericson Control Room, BangaloreAir-Traffic Control, and 100s of other companies and the count is increasing.

What is your latest product?
The latest product we recently introduced is a laptop stand which is quite famous among users.

What is your channel policy?
We welcome new enquiries and associations with dealers and distributors. We want to expand our channel network and also our business operations across India.