Ingram Micro India is one of the most Profitable Wings of our...

Ingram Micro India is one of the most Profitable Wings of our Worldwide Distribution Network

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Ingram Micro India Pvt Ltd (IMIL) is a subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc, USA. Established in 1979, IMIL today is one of the top IT Distribution companies in India with nationwide presence at nearly 40+ locations. Ingram Micro Inc (the parent company of IMIL) is the world’s largest technology distributor, providing sales, marketing and logistics services for the IT industry worldwide. Ranked at No. 62 in the 2015 Fortune 500, the company operates in 160 countries with approximately 200,000 customers worldwide, including retailers and IT resellers.

Deigo Utge, SVP & India Chief Executive Ingram Micro India , shares, “I have been in India for the past 1 year. It has been very rewarding and encouraging to be working with partners in India. Our Indian distribution segment is one of the most profitable wings of Ingram Micro. We will continue to deploy more solutions in cloud security; banking, manufacturing, education, healthcare, etc and will continue to increase our product portfolio and expand our operations in India.”

IMIL specializes in three market segments: commercial, consumer and value-added resellers (VARs). Each segment comprises a variety of customer groups; examples include: Corporate Resellers – Corporate technology solution providers; Direct and Consumer Marketers – Direct marketers, computer superstores, mass merchants, Internet storefronts, consumer electronics and office supply stores; Value Added Resellers – System and Web integrators, application VARs, and government and education VARs; and Vendors: More than 1400 hardware manufacturers and software publishers utilize Ingram Micro as their distribution partner. The distributor’s worldwide supplier list includes almost all of the leading microcomputer hardware manufacturers, networking equipment manufacturers and software publisher Vendors.

Talking about the challenges they face as a distribution company in India, Deigo Utge comments, “In India, penetration of the latest technologies is still low and taking the latest technologies to the partners and then to the customers is a challenge. For the purpose of promoting complex technologies, we started an Ingram Micro Consulting division that takes care of such issues like succession planning, helping the partners & end users understand the latest technologies, compliance, ethics, etc.”

Ingram Micro is focused on maximizing partners’ value and achieving customer satisfaction through innovation in the Information Technology (IT) supply chain. Ingram Micro is committed to transforming the value proposition for technology distribution and is the leading company in this industry. Innovation is the key differentiator between Ingram Micro and other IT distribution companies. The company’s management team is focused on leading the industry through change and has a clear understanding of customer expectations.

Regarding the support they offer to partners, Deigo Utge reveals, “We have very well trained sales force and also we have weekly training sessions for partners. We give financial support to partners on case-by-case basis after due verification and assessment of their strengths and needs.”

Ingram Micro is also a service powerhouse delivering logistics and supply chain management services to increase value and drive efficiency for companies at all levels of the IT supply chain. For technology solution providers, Ingram Micro’s specialized divisions offer customers technical expertise and a well-informed sales support staff trained to handle the needs of the market categories such as enterprise computing, converging technologies, small-to-mid-size businesses (SMB), and the government and education sectors.

Regarding his message to partners, Deigo Utge comments, “My message to the partners is they should look inwards and check what they can do better and how best they can exploit the opportunities offered by the latest innovations. We give the best possible training, information and support so that they can get the best results in selling and deploying the products.”

With the dramatic changes driven by technology, companies located throughout the IT supply chain are required to reevaluate their business models to deliver maximum value to businesses and consumers. Ingram Micro, as a successful distributor, maintains large scale and volume, unparalleled standards and accuracy for logistics services, as well as financial strength to support growth and remain competitive.