“We are now positioning ourselves to value-added flash solution provider “

“We are now positioning ourselves to value-added flash solution provider “

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PNY Technologies, Inc. delivers over 30 years of business excellence as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Flash Memory cards, USN Flash Drives, Mobile Accessories, SSD, Memory Upgrades, NVIDIA Graphic Cards, HP Accessories. The company’s mobility, Digital Imaging, Computing and Gaming Solutions are widely available from major retail, e-tail and authorized distribution partners internationally. In an interaction with Calvin Yang – Sales Director, PNY Technologies, about the company’s initiatives and future plans.

How PNY Technologies fairing in worldwide as well as in the Indian market?

Product and channel are two subdivisions we are going to manage worldwide and Indian sales strategies. Regarding product management, PNY had been delivering various innovative products and providing service with high quality; as to channel management, PNY devotes ourselves to maintain faithful and long-term relationships with partners.

PNY has over three decade of business experience serving consumers, B2Bs, and OEMs worldwide. Could you mention some major milestones of the journey?
PNY starts from retail business and cultivates over 30 years of experience serving consumers. From the past few years, we built up great partnerships with well-known corporations, HP and NVIDIA, expanding our product lines to reach different levels of end users. In the near future, PNY’s products will deliver more expectations on visibility in all leading electronic channels and build diversified product strategies in the Asia market.

PNY product partners include HP, Lego, NVIDIA and Polaroid, as well as many other brands. Did you plan to add the more brand in the near future?
PNY USA & Europe headquarters organize channel management and plan for new brands’ co-operation. PNY Asia mainly focuses on well-known brands, HP and NVIDIA, as a clear edge of flash solutions in the Asia market in the near future.

What is your overall market outlook and where you currently focus?

NAND flash is now facing process improvement in the new generation, therefore, a gigantic surprise in the flash market is expecting soon. And PNY Asia will be ready for this coming fluctuation in the India market as its economic environment is fast-growing, tax as well as foreign trade policy is under adjustments. We believe the development of India market will accelerate after a series of reformations

Keeping the various consumer verticals in mind, are you bringing any new product in the forthcoming quarters?

PNY will focus on the development of Type-C and SSD products. Type-C has been a major trend since 2016 as more and more newly-launched electronic devices are equipped with Type-C instead of Type-A. PNY is planning to expand Type-C product lines to accord with the demands of the market to tackle the increasing needs for the next generation interface. Pertaining to SSD market in India, PNY launched entry level and advanced level SSD products to replace HDD in 2015 to fill the needs from the diversity customers. Professional level of SSD will be launched in the coming quarter to satisfy the rising need for advanced gamers.

Do you think that your solutions will provide complete solution to the end-users?

PNY keeps good interaction and builds faithful relationships with customers, then we would obtain market demands and immediate feedbacks from them. Based on sincere interactions with end-users, the solutions we provide are close to end users’ wills and wishes to fulfill their demands. Undoubtedly our products are widely accepted and trusted within different levels in the India market.

How far has been PNY Technologies product able to position uniquely in the market?

PNY’s marketing strategy targets on three criterions: First mover advantage, Value-added advantage and Cost advantage. In the Indian market, PNY had been moving to the second stage, and looking forward to the third stage in the coming 2017. We are now positioning ourselves to value-added flash solution provider.
Can we look forward to any more surprises in the near future for the PNY Technologies?

In order to cope with “Make in India” policy, PNY is working closely with local distributors to ensure we meet the requirements and continue to evolve to maximize the power of production locally. We take on roles that never before tried, which is challenging and motivated to us. There are three terms of targets we can foresee; Short-term target is ‘Sell in India & Make in India”. Mid-term target is “Sell in south Asia & Make in India”. Long-term target is “Sell in Asia & Make in India”.