“UTT Is Working Hard At Providing Best Solutions For Target Customers”

“UTT Is Working Hard At Providing Best Solutions For Target Customers”

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UTT has been specializing in networking products and solutions to meet various demands of SOHO, small and medium-sized business. With the Yinwei Ou, Director of Global Market product, UTT,mission to promote Internet access, drive social progress, UTT turns ideas into highly reliable access points, In an interview with Yinwei Ou, Director of Global Market product, UTT, about the trend of networking market and company’s initiatives.


What is the overall scenario of networking market and where you placed your brand in the race?

In terms of target customers, the networking market can be roughly categorized into low-end home users, high-end home users, SOHO users, SMB users, mid-large enterprise users, etc. UTT mainly targets the SMB market, including both SOHO and SMB users. It’s not surprising that high-end home users show interest into our products from time to time.

How UTT is faring in the Indian market?

“Every beginning is difficult”. We accept a slow start at any new market, but we want to grow steadily. So far the business growth is quicker than what we expected, with a couple of breakthroughs by some products. Conservatively we’re targeting at $5M annually by 2018.

Currently, where are you focusing in India or beyond?

Geographically speaking, we will definitely focus on the metropolises. From a channel sales perspective, we’d centralize our resource and investment to some key players in the market. UTT welcomes various collaboration opportunities. We love to have open, honest and equal partnership, especially appreciate those who follow the game rule.

How crucial is the SMB Market for UTT?

The SMB space is where we earned the most respect from every market. Our strength lies in this sub-market, and we believe we provide the best product in the market at competitive prices. We’d always like to be the top player in this category and keep adjusting ourselves. You may surprisingly find our products among the top in the US against those big names while having the highest customer rating. UTT AC750W as a good example, could often been found with top 3 popularity on Amazon.com by searching “VPN Routers”, which even defeated some of the best brands in the market. UTT is proud of being favored by our customers especially in SMB space. This is our league and we want to be the champion of it.

Recently, UTT has tied up with TelExcell Information Systems for the Indian market.  What’s the idea behind this strategic deal?

TelExcell has its presence in all the major metros and several other cities across India and is supported by a distribution network of more than 300 channel partners. We’re friend of TelExcell’s executive leaders; we know each other well and are aligned with how to promote in the market. I’m confident that TelExcell will help UTT expand our business quickly throughout India.

What kind of profitability can partners expect from UTT products?

UTT doesn’t want it to be a painfully low-profit battle among partners selling our products. We’d like to give the biggest portion of margin to partners and reward players with best performance and reputation.

Do you think that your networking solutions will provid complete solution to the end-users?

Yes and No. UTT did a great job throughout the world by providing complete or partial solutions for industries including budget hotels, convenience stores, SOHO/small offices, schools and etc. On the other hand, our target is to focus on a collection of products and make them the best in the market at competitive price. In simple words,

How far has been UTT productable to position uniquely in the market?

We kept learning the marketing trends and adjusting ourselves. Just an example, before the VPN Routers we’re selling today, UTT had a good old time (probably 10 years ago when people hadn’t even heard of “WiFi”) selling non-VPN Routers for net cafes with granular QoS features. The SMB Market will be popular for at least another decade moving forward. UTT is confident that we could obtain many advantages in such uniquely positioned sub-market. On the other hand, we’ll work closely with our partners to understand the local market and stay one-step ahead in the business.

What are your future plans?

Stay humble. Respect the market trend. Talk and listen to people (partners & customers). If you can benefit your partners and convince your customers, they can help your brand become successful.