Zyxel Launches XS3800-28 aggregation switch

Zyxel Launches XS3800-28 aggregation switch

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Zyxel Technology India Pvt Ltd announced the release of the XS3800-28, a dynamic 10-gigabit aggregation switch. Designed with campuses and SMEs in mind, the switch offers the power, flexibility, and stability required to keep complex networks running smoothly for the long haul.

Thanks to its 8 combination ports, the versatile switch is able to handle up to 24 10GSFP+ fiber or 12 10G RJ-45 copper connections. This adjustability gives you the freedom to choose which network setup best meets your current needs and allows for hassle-free reconfiguration if these needs happen to change.
“We wanted to show that a network product’s adaptability and configuration potential can be just as important as the more popularized specs, such as power and speed,” commented Crowley Wu, senior AVP of Zyxel’s Networking Business Unit. “The XS3800-28 represents a more forward-thinking approach to satisfying the network demands of school systems and SMEs.”

The XS3800-28’s enhanced switching capacity, larger L3 routing network, and impressive CPU performance are perfect for installations requiring extensive aggregation. If you are aiming to build an advanced network with allow latency, high-density10G backbone architecture, an aggregation switch of this caliber is essential.

When it comes to resiliency and availability, the switch is unafraid to show off. A restore button enables the device to fall back instantly in the event of misconfigurations, while a dual power supply provides an essential safety net if the primary power unit encounters complications. Moreover, as a result of its high-quality hardware design, the switch is the epitome of network longevity.

Gary Chen, President, Zyxel India says, “Not only this switch is a cost saving solution over the traditional switches but also have the ability to perform above the expectation level. It offers a great deal of flexibility and ease of use for the users.”

The switch’s multi-gigabit capability makes it a must for academic or business ventures expecting superior network functionality. With copper ports supporting speeds of 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G, the agile switch is able to prevent the connection downgrades and bottlenecking that frequently strike 2.5/5G-capable products, such as servers and storage devices. It’s also CAT5e-compatible, removing the need to purchase the expensive CAT6 cable.