Unistal Announces the New launch- Protegent Endpoint Security Software

Unistal Announces the New launch- Protegent Endpoint Security Software

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Unistal has come up with yet another new make in India product launch, named Protegent endpoint security software. Endpoint security has been developed with the aim of providing cybersecurity services for network endpoints. The release is expected to mark memorable success and achievement in the sphere of IT when it comes to saving the world from security threats, attacks, and other malicious activities that are increasing with technological growth.

The services under the software will accumulate the filtering of emails, web filtering, malicious acts, and viruses. The software will assist the business network specifically while devices like laptops, or computers are accessed remotely. The installation of this endpoint security solution will be followed by network servers and other endpoint devices.

Protegent endpoint security inculcates encryption feature for securing the gadgets accessing enterprise network thus will assist in controlling any risky activities with proficient monitoring, said,  Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The idea of launching this new product mainly linked to offering cybersecurity for enterprises. We comprehend the importance of data protection and hence it has been developed as it will oblige in saving the business from cyber threat. In this world of technology, hackers are constantly coming up with the latest methods of gaining access, stealing information, or manipulating the data and even employees to obtain sensitive information. So, in this case, Protegent endpoint security software will come to the rescue.

Our new launch of Protegent endpoint security software solution will benefit in data encryption on removable devices as well to ensure protection against loss or leaking of data. Also, the solution will not let unauthorized users access information or application from the company’s network.