Mismanaged Servers Major Concern in India: K7

Mismanaged Servers Major Concern in India: K7

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K7 Computing released the findings of K7’s Cyber Risk Monitor (CRM) report, proving an insightful look into the complex cybersecurity landscape in India and recommendations that addresses both Enterprise and Consumer segments. The first Thread of K7’s Cyber Risk Monitor, the index of lakhs of records of telemetry and experiential data researched by K7 Labs, reveals that Indian organisations are more vulnerable to cyberattacks due to poor server configurations that enable cybercriminals to exploit and gain access to organisations.

The report shows that there has been a significant increase in the frequency of cyberattacks across India over the last few years as the cybercriminals have become more smart and lethal. While web-based attacks remained dominant in the Cyber Threat Type Breakdown, cybercriminals are using malicious apps to compromise Android mobile devices in the Mobile Security Space.

Commenting on the launch of the study, Purushothaman, CEO of K7 Computing said, “Today, Cybersecurity is the real world problem and being the first Indian company, with proven experience of over 25 years, we take pride in introducing our Cyber Risk Monitor report at the time when India is fast emerging as one of the key targets for cybercriminals globally. K7’s CRM provides deep insights into the current landscape of cyber threat trends in India and we hope that this report contributes to enhance the understanding of cyber threats for organisations as well as every citizen of India. In addition, this report over a period of time will guide organisations to direct their efforts to align their cybersecurity solutions to be cybersafe.”

The India-based study, takes a closer look at some of the telemetry and experiential data compiled by K7 Labs experts to portray the challenges faced by users and enterprises within India, providing insights into some real-life scenarios and explaining how to defend oneself or one’s organisation against such threats.