Mindtree Recognized for Excellence in Operations at 6th IDC Insights Awards

Mindtree Recognized for Excellence in Operations at 6th IDC Insights Awards

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Mindtree announced that it has received an IDC Insights Award for Excellence in Operations for its IT infrastructure services. The award cites Mindtree’s MWatch platform, which enables the delivery of consistent and optimized infrastructure operations services through automation.

MWatch is an IT infrastructure management platform that gives users a consolidated, end-to-end view of their infrastructure and applications. It utilizes automation tools that standardize operations, eliminate time-consuming manual processes and improve accuracy and precision. It also enables users to understand and address the combination of factors that cause inefficient processes and escalate costs.

The IDC Insights Awards, in its sixth year, acknowledges the achievements of CIOs and IT leaders in three categories: Excellence in Omni-Experience, Excellence in Operations and Excellence in Data Intelligence. Mindtree’s win in the Excellence in Operations category indicates that the MWatch platform has demonstrated sustainable and measurable improvements in key performance metrics, such as operational efficiency or employee productivity.

“Enterprise IT infrastructures need to be more agile and responsive so that they can adapt to changing business requirements,” said Manas Chakraborty, Global Head of Enterprise Service Lines for Mindtree. “The only way to achieve this level of agility is to have consolidated, end-to-end visibility into your IT infrastructure so that you can gain insights that help eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs. We built MWatch to help enterprises run their data center operations more like a business. The IDC Insights Awards recognition is further proof that MWatch is a highly effective set of tools for driving your operations to the highest levels of performance and productivity.”