ITTA of Pondicherry Announces COMPEX-2017 Expo in January

ITTA of Pondicherry Announces COMPEX-2017 Expo in January

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The Information Technology Traders Association (ITTA) of Pondicherry is set to conduct their flagship event COMPEX- 2017 expo from January 6-8, 2017 at the city’s Jayaram Kalyana Mandapam. There would be about 60 stall participants inclusive of computer hardware, software, power conditioner, office automation, solar energy systems, security and surveillance, communication products at the exhibition.

The event is also likely to attract computer enthusiasts, IT managers, CEOs, executives and decision-makers from all sectors. The expo, titled COMPEX-2017, serves as a platform for new alliances, business deals and marketing opportunities to the consumers and the vendors participating in the meeting gets publicity, visibility and branding.

ITTA is an association of IT dealers of Pondicherry formed in the year 2003.Presently 46 dealers representing Hardware, Software, Training, Design / R&D, UPS, Telecommunication and the associated service sectors of the Indian IT & Communication Industry are the part of this forum. Its main objective is to promote better understanding among the dealers with a sole aim to supply quality products and services to the customers in and around Pondicherry. The idea of ITTA is to develop a globally competitive Indian IT Industry, promote the usage of IT in India, strengthen the role of IT in national economic development and promote business through international alliances.