HPE Helps Businesses Capitalize on High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Applications...

HPE Helps Businesses Capitalize on High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Applications with New High-Density Compute and Storage

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced new high-density compute and storage solutions that enable enterprises to harness the power of high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The new and enhanced solutions are part of the industry-leading HPE Apollo compute platform, designed to simplify HPC and AI adoption for enterprises of all size.

HPC and AI play an increasingly important role in digital transformation, enabling organizations to leverage modeling, simulation and deep learning to drive business innovation in areas like financial trading; computer-aided design and engineering; video surveillance and text analytics. These areas require the parallel processing of large, unstructured data sets that only extreme compute solutions can deliver. In addition, the growing volume, velocity and variety of data increase the importance of efficiently storing the data and reducing application latency for parallel processing applications.

To address these trends and help companies adopt new technologies, HPE, the proven HPC leader, is introducing purpose-built solutions that deliver extreme performance and capacity with a reduced data center footprint, lower cost and improved serviceability.

“HPC and AI applications are not exclusive to big research organizations and corporations; they can drive efficiency and innovation in the day-to-day business of every company,” said Vikram K, Senior Director, Data Center and Hybrid Cloud, HPE India. “Today, HPE is augmenting its proven supercomputing and large commercial HPC and AI capabilities with new high-density compute and storage solutions to accelerate market adoption by enabling organizations of all sizes to address challenges in HPC, big data, object storage and AI with more choice and flexibility.”