ASUS Announces AMD X570 Series Motherboards

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Series Motherboards

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AMD’s 1st and 2nd Gen Ryzen desktop processors have been a massive hit with both gamers and professional users everywhere. Now AMD is returning with 3rdGen Ryzen CPUs that pair its Zen 2 architecture with next-gen PCI Express 4.0 (PCIe) connectivity, promising more bandwidth and performance than previous generations. The family remains focused on offering high numbers of cores and threads, a class of chip that needs a quality motherboard. ASUS is ready for action with an array of new models based on the latest X570 chipset.

The cast is headlined by the Republic of Gamers, whose Crosshair VIII boards are fit for the most demanding overclockers and gamers looking to extract every ounce of performance from their systems. ROG Strix series focuses on good looks and strong performance without the bells and whistles with a cherry on top, while TUF Gaming rolls up essential features in battle-tested packages with affordable prices. Those who prefer subdued styling with carefully chosen features can turn to the Prime family, which still has enough punch for power users. Pushing further in that direction, our first Pro series motherboard for Ryzen processors provides a platform for serious workstations and creative professionals.

There’s a ROG or ASUS X570 motherboard for everyone, from seasoned veterans who tune to perfection and hardcore gamers obsessed with performance to first-time builders seeking a seamless PC experience. For further details about our ROG lineup please visit ASUS ROG. Our buying guide with complete specifications and images for the entire lineup of X570 motherboards is located at Edge Up ASUS.

The Republic of Gamers was founded way back in 2006, which is a long time ago in computing years. It redefined the meaning of “enthusiast motherboards” with the original Crosshair and has been evolving the formula ever since. Using top-notch components and cutting-edge designs capable of hitting the highest speeds, ROG engineers create motherboards that exude quality and craftsmanship while pushing the boundaries of desktop computing.

Our new Crosshair VIII models set the bar for X570 motherboards. The pack is led by the armor-clad and liquid-ready Crosshair VIII Formula, followed closely by the Crosshair VIII Hero for less extravagant builds. Overclocking fanatics and small system lovers can look to the Mini-DTX Crosshair VIII Impact, a compact board built to shatter records.

ROG Crosshair motherboards include the most exotic features for demanding builders creating complicated rigs that push the limits. Gamers don’t always want every single bell and whistle with a cherry on top, so the Strix series retains ROG’s style, performance, and overclocking cred while avoiding extras that might go unused. For the latest Ryzen platform, we have two full-size ATX boards—the ROG Strix X570-E and X570-F Gaming—along with a Mini-ITX tiny terror in the Strix X570-I Gaming.