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By Mr. Ashish P Dhakan, Managing Director  & CEO, Prama Hikvision (India) Pvt. Ltd 

A high rise building is a sitting duck for the terrorists. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 in New York and November 26, 2008 in Mumbai authorities in high-rise buildings are beefing up their surveillance systems to prevent any untoward incident in their premises. The installation of surveillance cameras acts as an effective safeguard and deterrent to protect people and property inside and around a high rise building. Surveillance is not only about cameras but also devices that monitor the entry and exit of individuals, detect an unexpected presence using motion detectors, and identify the potential threat from fire and smoke. They all complement an effective surveillance system. The surveillance solutions must be simple in operations, non-intrusive and highy integrated.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is essential to protect occupant safety from virtually any threat. Designers of high rise buildings, rely on an expert security surveillance company to develop systems that monitor unauthorized intrusions or provide early warning in case of fire, smoke or gas leak outbreak. During incidents that require occupant evacuation, an effective surveillance system can facilitate orderly evacuation and ensure all occupants have safely exited.

A design that strategically places the right surveillance equipment or device throughout the building will provide a complete system to detect all threats inside and outside the building.


The key objectives of installing Hikvision’s surveillance cameras in a high rise building are:

  • To provide safety and security to the people
  • To prevent crimepic-1
  • To reduce the fear of crime
  • To improve property security
  • To safeguard women, children & senior citizens
  • To create a safe & vibrant atmosphere
  •     High Rise Building Surveillance Solutions
Areas Solutions
Large Area Hikvision HD Multi Optical Zooming PTZ Cameras
Perimeter Hikvision Bullet Type IP Camera
Vehicle Entrance /Exit Hikvision IP Cameras with HLC(Highlight Compensation) Technology
Entrance Hikvision WDR IP Cameras
Hallway Hikvision Smart IP Cameras
Lobby Hikvision Fisheye + PTZ Cameras
Access Control Hikvision’s Integrated surveillance Solution.
Basement Discreet Sized Fish Eye Camera or Mini PTZ Camera
Low Light Area Hikvision Dark Fighter
Multi- location Monitoring Hikviison’s 46’’ and 55’’ LED Screen
Car Parking Area In the Basement ir Around The Building Hikvision’s HD PTZ Cameras & iDS Cameras
No Park Zone Hikvision Smart IP Cameras

Benefits of Surveillance

Installing Hikvision’s cutting–edge security solutions  in the high rise buildings offers the following benefits:

  1. Prevents Crime

Hikvision’s ever alert surveillance cameras not only catch criminals in the act, but also deter a would-be criminal from executing his/her nefarious plans.

  1. Foils Theft

If you suspect one of the visitors of wrong-doing but not sure of his/her misdemeanor, then surveillance cameras can be a very helpful tool.

  1. Acts as a Useful Piece of Evidence

Hikvision’s Video recordings of surveillance cameras act as an indisputable evidence to nab the criminal.

  1. Helps Law Enforcement Solve Crime

When someone commits a crime and is caught on camera, police and other law enforcement officials can use the footage to release video or photos to the public via various media outlets.                                                                                                         –Keeps An Eye On Children & The Elderly Persons

With Hikvision’s latest CCTV system at high rise building you can monitor the safety of children and elderly persons.

  1. Protects All

Hikvision’s CCTV Cameras can help protect the occupants physically against violence from intruders. It can also protect them against false accusations.

  1. Encourages Good Behavior

Having Hikvision’s CCTV cameras inside high rise buildings help in creating discipline among the visitors and occupants.

  1. Monitors High-risk Area

Hikvision’s surveillance cameras placed in high-risk areas inside a high rise building can alert security personnel and enable them to take immediate action to prevent fire, gas or water leakage.

  1. Increases Visitors’ & Occupants’ Confidence

Surveillance cameras in high rise buildings provide the visitors and the occupants a sense of security and safety.

  1. Saves Lives & Properties

Hikvision’s surveillance cameras with alert mechanism save people and properties inside the high rise building.

Video Surveillance Management

Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Professional Video Management Software enables security personnel in the high rise buildings to manage all security subsystems such as video surveillance, lobby, access control, staircases, rooftop, car parking and license plate recognition in one platform.

Video Surveillance Technologies 

Hikvision’s Video surveillance in high rise buildings has evolved significantly over the years.  Its Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) made significant advances in features and functions. Hikvision’s cameras today have embedded processors that enable video to be compressed within the device and transmitted real-time over IP networks to Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that centrally manage video feeds from many IP cameras. DVRs and NVRs have many advantages over older analog recording technology. Streaming video can be continuously recorded and discarded in cycles of days, weeks, or months. If an incident does occur, disk indexing and time-stamping make it simple to find video from a given date and time.

In short, constant surveillance is the only way to ward off threats within and around a high rise building and keep it safe and secure. Go for Hikvision’s time tested and proven security solutions to protect the high rise buildings.